Introducing: Loopio for Salesforce®

Tobias Dawes
Tobias Dawes

On average, sales teams use 10 tools to close a single deal. (That’s a lot of context-switching.) No wonder 66% of reps also say they’re “drowning” in tools.

That’s why it’s critical to get your revenue-facing teams on the same page about how to handle complex requests for information, proposals, or anything else—especially if you work at a large company.

So today, we’re excited to announce a way to unify the efforts of your sales and proposal teams, in one platform.

We’re unveiling a new solution, called Loopio for Salesforce®, which empowers your whole team to deliver lightning-fast responses, from the comfort of your CRM.

Respond Directly in Salesforce ☁️

Loopio for Salesforce® helps you tackle RFPs, RFIs, questionnaires, and more, directly from the world’s most-used CRM.

It’s the first 100% Salesforce native RFP solution on the market. Without ever leaving Salesforce, you can use it to:

  • Evaluate incoming RFP opportunities
  • Respond easily using automation and generative AI
  • Close the deal with a library of on-demand answers
  • Analyze your team’s results with robust reporting

Evolving Avnio → Loopio for Salesforce®

Last year, Loopio acquired Avnio, an innovative response management solution based in the U.K. 🇬🇧 Over the past year, we integrated our teams to offer an even better experience for our collective customers.

Together, we’re combining Loopio’s best-in-class approach to content and project management, with Avnio’s native Salesforce capabilities.

That’s why, starting today, Avnio will be known as Loopio for Salesforce®. ☁️

Who’s It for?

Loopio for Salesforce® is especially useful for Enterprises that handle a high volume of global RFPs. It helps companies effectively manage the full revenue lifecycle through Salesforce—while driving close collaboration between proposal and sales teams.

In fact, Salesforce themselves are using this solution.

“With Loopio for Salesforce, we’ve been able to pull our RFP process into one location and introduce those automated steps.”
Erin Thedwall
Director of Proposals

Key Benefits

As the industry’s only 100% Salesforce native RFP solution, there are five powerful key benefits you can expect.

  • Robust Salesforce Reporting

    Make Salesforce your single source of truth for reporting and forecasting RFP revenue, using actionable data and deep insights. You can now connect RFP influence to the big picture of revenue impact through flexible reporting.

  • Powerful AI and GPT Functionality

    Loopio for Salesforce® uses AI and natural language processing to answer hundreds of questions, in seconds. The best part? If you don’t have an existing answer for the technology to auto-fill from your library, our solution can generate a new draft answer for you.

  • Multi-Lingual, Multi-Regional

    Easily empower collaboration between international teams, leaning on unparalleled support for 90+ languages in Salesforce.

  • Security You Already Trust

    Leverage all existing security structures, authentication, and data centers by installing directly into your Salesforce environment.

  • Break Down Silos Between RFP & CRM Data

    Above all: Loopio for Salesforce® empowers your proposal and sales teams to work together, in a platform that’s already familiar to your team. Unifying your workflows opens up a world of richer insights, new capabilities, and a holistic view of the entire revenue lifecycle.

How Does It Work?

Now that you understand how Loopio for Salesforce® works, it’s time to get to the fun part. Seeing it in action. 😎 The video below will give you a 3-minute overview of this unique platform’s features and highlights.

How is this different from a regular Salesforce integration?

A Salesforce integration connects a separate standalone platform to Salesforce. This connection allows two platforms to share data back and forth.

Loopio for Salesforce® is completely unique from other response solutions on the market. It is the only option that’s 100% Salesforce native, meaning it’s exclusively built, managed, and delivered within the Salesforce platform. This offers an entirely embedded experience, with richer insights (and less context-switching).

How to Get Started With Loopio for Salesforce®

Interested in learning more about Loopio for Salesforce®? You can request a demo to dive deeper into the platform.

If you’re already a Loopio customer, be sure to direct any questions to your Customer Success team. Loopio’s core platform also offers a robust Salesforce integration, which helps you kick off projects directly from Salesforce, plus build unique reports.

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