How Switching to Loopio Enabled Alight to Scale Proposals Globally, Amid 9 Acquisitions

  • Consistent responses through 9 acquisitions
  • Hundreds of RFPs
    completed each year
  • 250 global users
    (and growing)

Alight is a leading cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions. They proudly serve more than 4,300 clients—including more than 70% of the Fortune 100. Alight’s business solutions help employees enrich their health, wealth, and work—while enabling organizations to achieve a high-performance culture.

Challenge: Managing Consistent Responses Through Multiple Acquisitions

Alight hit a major milestone when it went public in July 2021. Through organic growth and multiple acquisitions, Alight was quickly transforming into a new global organization—and the demand for RFPs was growing exponentially.

“We invested in features but couldn’t get them set up properly,” explains Valerie Mammales, Global Proposal Development Leader at Alight. “Since the old platform didn’t work the way we work, and adding content to the library was challenging, our team stopped using the library. It quickly became outdated.”

By 2021, their team was delivering hundreds of RFP responses across both the public sector and Fortune 100 companies. Although Alight’s proposal team was expanding quickly, their tools hadn’t kept pace with the company’s rapid growth.

For the past 10 years, they’d been using a legacy RFP system which was challenging to use and had limited collaboration features.

On top of that, Alight acquired 9 organizations since forming, which resulted in duplicate answers in the library. This meant they had several variations of the same questions with different responses from each acquired organization. These answers no longer aligned with the company vision, strategy, or how they wanted to present the organization to the market.

Valerie saw this as the perfect opportunity to seize while the timing was right: transform Alight’s content management before the company went public. Her goal? Create a unified RFP library that the entire team could rely on. The timing was critical and a great opportunity to align 15,000 content records with the new company strategy before going public.

“We need a proposal process that keeps us nimble and allows us to pivot as our business is rapidly changing.”
Valarie Mammales
Global Proposal Development Leader

Solution: One Platform to Rule Them All

Alight evaluated several RFP response platforms and chose Loopio, as it ensures that complex RFPs are accurate and consistent. Here are three reasons why Alight’s internal teams have rallied around Loopio:

  • A single source of truth to support Alight’s story. Alight has transformed dramatically in recent years, incorporating legacy organizations through mergers and acquisitions. Throughout this transformation, the proposal team has continued to serve as a strategic advisor for the company. Loopio enables the proposal team to maintain their “trusted advisor” status by providing a central platform that stores all their RFP content. Stakeholders can log into Loopio at any time to access Alight’s single source of truth, which is critical as they work in a fast-paced virtual world.
  • A central content library streamlines complex RFPs. Alight helps organizations solve their most complex challenges—many of which are Fortune 100 companies. Deals of this scale require proposals that are tailored with custom digital deliverables. The proposal team uses Loopio’s library to store and quickly find content for these RFPs—including standard positioning for each product offering. Loopio has helped Alight gain efficiencies of scale, while providing customers with personalized messaging that’s required to win large deals.
  • Automated review cycles ensure that every response is accurate. Alight’s proposal team doesn’t need to hound subject matter experts for answers every time they work on an RFP. Loopio automates review cycles and sends SMEs notifications when they need to review content. This feature saves SMEs loads of time and frustration, as they don’t need to look at every RFP. It also ensures that the answers in Alight’s RFP library are up-to-date and seamlessly approved for use.
“I love that I can trust Loopio as a single source of truth for our RFPs, especially after going public. Anything I need to know, I go to Loopio first.”
Valarie Mammales
Global Proposal Development Leader

Results: Streamlined RFP Processes and Accurate Data

In 2021, Alight rolled Loopio out to 250 users, including the proposal, solutions, and corporate teams. Since then, Loopio has become the backbone of Alight’s RFP strategy and is helping the company achieve the following results:

  • Scale to deliver hundreds of RFPs annually. Loopio provides the proposal team with a library of accurate RFP data. Having up-to-date information is an essential part of winning large contracts and building credibility in the market. Loopio streamlines complex RFP processes so Alight can go after more business.
  • Maintain RFP volume during times of change. Alight recently had some transitions and needed to train new employees. Loopio allowed the proposal team to keep pace with RFP demand, despite these changes.
  • Rally stakeholders around new, efficient processes. Alight’s team—from the SMEs to leadership—see the value of Loopio. This tool saves them time and helps them work more efficiently—while giving them confidence that they are positioning the value of Alight.
  • Empower sales reps to win more business. Since Loopio is easy to scale, Alight plans to roll the technology out to 400 users. This will allow full collaboration within Loopio, which sellers can use to work through opportunities on their own if they choose.
  • Content that can support future M&A activities. Alight continues to grow rapidly. Having one centralized source of truth for content allows the proposal team to scale seamlessly and add efficiently adds new solutions to their scope.

Why Alight Loves Loopio

“With Loopio, our global team can be confident that they are producing accurate and consistent RFPs.”
Valarie Mammales
Global Proposal Development Leader

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