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How Do You Submit More Bids? Use RFP Response Automation.

Don’t let outdated content and busy subject matter experts slow down your workflow. With Loopio’s RFP automation software, you’ll create the high-quality responses—no matter how tight your deadlines or how many proposals you’ve got to tackle.

  • Always Have Fresh Content

    Enjoy having your own searchable RFP answer library that’s streamlined, updated and accurate.
  • Make SMEs More Responsive

    Assign tasks, build timelines, get approvals, and collaborate on responses so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Automate the Busywork

    Our RFP automation software suggests answers and handles tedious chores—so you can take care of everything else.

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Top RFP Automation Tools

  • The Magic feature in Loopio

    Answer Auto-Fill

    Automatically answer questions, schedule content reviews, and more. Plus, Loopio auto-detects new RFP answers so your Library stays updated.
  • A conversation between two Loopio users, in front of a pie chart

    RFP Project Tracking

    Loopio allows you to engage teammates and oversee proposal management in one spot. The result? Fewer version control issues and missed deadlines.
  • Two entries within the Loopio library

    Smart Content Library

    Our customizable RFP Library organizes your content so it’s easy to find—and easy for subject matter experts (SMEs) to review and update—so you always have the best answers in your request for proposal software.
  • Integrated Go/No-Go

    Easily qualify opportunities, so your team can focus on the right proposals. Respond strategically with an integrated go/no-go process, directly in your CRM.

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Success Stories

“Since we first started using Loopio, we have never failed to get a project out on time.”
Jennifer Armstrong, CF APMP
Manager, Bids & Proposals,
“Consistency is key. With Loopio, no matter who picks up the response, it looks the same.”
Sarah Sinclair
Proposal Manager,
“We’ve grown very reliant on Loopio’s efficiencies. I don’t see how we could go back to manual processes.”
Julie McCoy
CF APMP, Sr. Manager, Proposal Department,

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