Sales Knowledge

Sales Answers, Fast.

Drive productivity, reduce risk, and unburden sales teams by putting the best answers at their fingertips.

When Your Sales Team Responds Quickly and Effectively, You Gain Customer Trust.

Sales reps spend 440 hours annually digging through old documents or chasing internal experts, to answer well-researched customer questions about their products, company, and services.

It’s time to put trustworthy, effective responses within their reach.

A saleswoman is working in Loopio on her laptop and drinking coffee.
  • Improve Sales Productivity

    Get sales knowledge into the hands of your team when and where they need it to help them answer any question quickly.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Risks

    Proven, accurate answers are surfaced to your reps, so they can respond to customer questions confidently.
  • Lighten SMEs Workload

    Save internal experts time by reusing their pre-approved content, so they can focus on their day-to-day activities.

How Loopio Supercharges Sales Teams

  • Microsoft team, Slack, Chrome

    Integrated Everywhere

    Search and deploy the best answers where your Sales team works—in Chrome, Slack, and Teams.
  • Loopio's content library Assignee modal is where users can assign questions, view who answered similar questions before, and set a due date.

    Smart Content Library

    Capture content, categorize it, and automate reviews by internal experts to keep it fresh.
  • Loopio's powerful insights feature depicts that a response has been used 150 times in the past and its freshness score is 85% out of 100%.

    Powerful Insights

    Metrics tell sales teams what answers work, and experts what content to prioritize.

“We use it as the source of truth for sales…they can self-serve. SMEs appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with us as well.”

Senior Sales Operations Manager at Healthcare Company

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