Loopio Partner Program

Let’s streamline your client’s response process, together.

Join our global network of partners, and see how becoming a response software expert can drive more value for your customers.

Transform how your clients answer RFPs, DDQs, and Security Questionnaires—and grow your business in the process.

Ways to Partner with Loopio

  • Referral Partners

    From proposal & security consultants to industry thought leaders, referral partners earn a comission for sending customers in their network to Loopio.
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  • Solutions Partners

    For agencies and service providers who want to expand their subject matter expertise with Loopio and provide top-notch service to clients.
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  • Tech Partners

    For software companies that want to collaborate and drive growth by integrating your solutions with Loopio’s platform capabilities.
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    Strategic Alliances

    For global system integrators and management consulting firms supporting clients through digital transformation initiatives.
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  • Channel Partners

    For those who want to establish a recurring revenue stream by promoting, selling, and implementing the Loopio platform in your region.
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“Our complementary relationship is built on years of PwC’s substantial, quality due diligence and risk mitigation experience with Loopio’s leading technology automation platform. This has led to successful collaboration across many levels of our organization, helping to drive improved results for our mutual clients across sectors.”
Stephanie Hardt, Principal, Cyber, Risk, and Regulatory Management at PwC
Stephanie Hardt
Principal, Cyber, Risk, and Regulatory Management
“I absolutely love partnering with Loopio. They’re a breath of fresh air: innovative, insightful, and they take such pride in everything they do.”
Jon Williams
CPP APMP Fellow, Managing Director
Strategic Proposals
“While their cutting-edge proposal automation technology has undoubtedly elevated our business, it’s the remarkable individuals behind the scenes who truly make the collaboration shine.”
Izane Cloete-Hamilton, CPP APMP, Chief Inspiration Officer, nFold
Izane Cloete-Hamilton
CPP APMP, Chief Inspiration
“Loopio touts their product as helping to streamline processes and unleash growth, and that’s exactly what a partnership with Loopio yields – GROWTH!”
Krystn Macomber, CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP, Founder & CEO, Summit Strategy
Krystn Macomber
CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP, Founder & CEO
Summit Strategy

Partner Program Benefits

  • Tech training, certification, and enablement

  • Incentives, revenue share, and discounts

  • Deal registration and tracking

  • Co-marketing opportunities

  • Co-selling support

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