Virtual Conference

Loopio’s 2023 Product Summit

Get a first look at how we’re redefining the future of RFP technology.

Loopio Product Summit

Ready to See the Future of
Response Management?

In this brand-new conference, you’ll get a first look at tech advancements shaping how teams tackle proposals, questionnaires, and the future of response management. Why should you watch?

  • Preview Transformative Generative AI

  • Discover Cutting-Edge Features & Capabilities

  • Watch a Rapid-fire Summit Your Whole Team Will Enjoy

Session Recordings

Enter the new era of Response Management. See what innovations are coming from the Loopio team.

  • Opening Remarks: A New Era of Response Management

    Loopio’s CEO, Zak Hemraj, reveals a new framework for sales and proposal teams to use next year (and beyond).

  • Product Innovations for a New Era

    Loopio’s CTO, Matt York, and SVP of Product & Design, Tobias Dawes, break down the opportunities for new software advancements in our space, building on the new framework.

  • Effective Go/No-Go: Respond Less to Win More

    Nora Foux explains why go/no-go is important to proposal teams. Plus, Heather Gawel shows new go/no-go features that will be built directly in Salesforce.

  • How to Build a Strong Foundation, With a Healthy Loopio Library

    The dynamic trio Angelina Earley, Chloe Silver, and Brandon Whitman share library management best practices. Plus, a preview of new reporting capabilities.

  • From Draft to Done: How Generative AI Can Propel Your Next Bid

    Learn how generative AI features in Loopio will help proposal and sales teams generate answers at the click of a button—all from a trusted source of truth.

  • Closing the Deal: How to Tackle Questionnaires (Panel)

    On-the-ground insights from Loopio customers (and our own internal experts) on how to respond to questionnaires, quickly and compliantly.

  • Winning Bids: How to Empower Sales to Close Deals, Faster

    Michael Stuparyk explains what teams need to consider when selling in 2023. Plus, a preview of new Loopio features that help you (and buyers) respond faster than ever.

Product Previews

  • Go/No-Go in Salesforce

    Loopio customers can soon qualify RFPs directly in Salesforce, so sales and proposal teams can decide (together) which bids to tackle—and which ones to leave behind.

    🗓️ Release Date: Early 2024

  • New Library Reports in Loopio

    Enjoy a 360-view of your library with new reporting capabilities. Now, you can use visual reports to show what needs updating at a glance. (Plus, all new filters to dive deeper into the results.)

    🗓️ Release Date: Early 2024

  • Generate Answers with Loopio’s AI

    Loopio can now craft unique answers to your questions, based entirely on the trusted (and secure) information that you have in your content library.

    🗓️ Release Date: October 2023

  • Sales Knowledge for PowerPoint & Email

    In this exclusive preview, you’ll see how we’ve made the Loopio library accessible from anywhere you work. Sales teams can now access compelling and consistent answers from Powerpoint, Outlook, and more.

    🗓️ Release Date: November 2023

  • Confidential Projects, Checkboxes & Translations

    You can now customize who can see specific projects, when you start them. Plus, preview brand-new functionality for checkboxes and translation capabilities in Loopio.

    🗓️ Release Date: October 2023

  • Smarter Semantic Search

    Using artificial intelligence (AI) you can now expect search results to surface answers based on the context of your question, no longer just the words themselves. Conveniently find relevant search results for a quicker first draft.

    🗓️ Release Date: November 2023

  • Loopio Integrations with Door & CENTRL

    Are you receiving due diligence questionnaires through CENTRL and Door? Accelerate your process by using Loopio’s integration with these platforms.

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