Loopio Overview

Craft Winning Responses On Time, Every Time

Never choose between quality and speed again. Now, your team can deliver its best work and hit deadlines with Loopio’s AI-enabled RFP management software. Use it for RFIs, security questionnaires, and more. Want to see how it works?


Mission Control For Your Response Process

Gather knowledge from every corner of your organization and turn every customer question into an opportunity to win deals by making response management an efficient, scalable process.

Teams can centralize knowledge, manage projects, and automate responses in Loopio to submit quality RFPs, DDQs, SQs, and sales responses.
Teams can centralize knowledge, manage projects, and automate responses in Loopio to submit quality RFPs, DDQs, SQs, and sales responses.
  • Put Your Organization’s Best, Reviewed Content to Work

    Put fresh, pre-approved, and easily searchable answers in the hands of your customer-facing teams.

  • Build a Scalable Response Process That Grows With You

    From one project to the next, reduce the overhead of managing responses with workflows that make it easy to keep track of every project in one place, get the right experts to weigh in, and keep deals moving forward.

  • Empower Teams to Not Just Respond, But Respond to Win

    Shorten the time-to-first-draft by automating tedious tasks, giving teams more time to customize each and every response so they can put their best foot forward to customers.


The Best Answers, At Your Fingertips

With Loopio’s platform, RFP answers will finally have a home. The content library is searchable, always up-to-date, and—most importantly—saves your team valuable time.

  • Tame Content Chaos

    Store vetted answers in a flexible and curated content management system. Finally, an RFP process that’s built for your business.
  • Find the Right Answers Faster

    Loopio’s proposal management software finds the right answers easily, and quickly, allowing your team to submit proposals, faster.
  • Keep Information Up-to-Date

    Reduce the risk of sales teams responding inaccurately by using intuitive, collaborative workflows. A way to build (and maintain) your sales process with ease.

Key Features

  • Customizable Library
    Organize your answers intuitively using stacks, tags, and more across multiple languages.
  • Project Translations


    Quickly translate RFPs into English in seconds. Say bonjour, ciao, and more to new markets.
  • Access Answers Anywhere 
    Give your team access to your best content through Google Chrome, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPoint and more.
  • Freshness Score
    Easily see when content was last reviewed—or if it needs to be updated.
  • Duplicate Detection


    Keep answers tidy through a library that uses machine learning to detect duplicate entries automatically.
  • Attachment Storage
    Store, update, and easily access commonly used images and documents.


Put Tedious Tasks on Autopilot

Digging through old documents. Reformatting outdated responses. Let Loopio automate manual, low-impact tasks in the RFP response process so that your team can focus on what you do best—creating stellar responses.

  • Start New Projects with Ease

    Intelligent import and question auto-detection helps kickstart RFP answers faster—no copying and pasting required.
  • Auto-fill Answers with One Click

    Crafting winning answers has never been faster. Respond to proposals quickly using AI to auto-fill or generate answers from your library.
  • Hit Deadlines, With Time to Spare

    Easily export answers into a document, web portal, or custom template with a few simple clicks.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Import


    Get started quickly with our easy document uploading process that uses machine learning to categorize information within the source document.
  • Magic Response Automation


    Get an entire first draft response from previously answered questions in a matter of seconds.
  • Identify New Answers
    Did you craft a stellar new answer for a recent questionnaire? Easily capture it for future use in your Library.
  • Customized Branding
    Build repeatable templates, so your team creates on-brand responses on time, every time.
  • Content Recommendations


    Strengthen response entries with AI suggestions based on qualities seen in top-performing RFPs.
  • Generate Answers


    Using generative AI, generate an answer to any question using your trusted library with a single click.


Oversee Projects & Collaborate Effortlessly

Make responding to any question a streamlined, transparent process for everyone involved (including subject matter experts). It’s easy with Loopio’s collaborative cloud-based platform.

  • Keep Every Response on Track

    Assign questions, leave comments, and set deadlines so your team knows what needs to be done next.
  • Assign the Right Roles & Tasks

    Get the right people answering questions, updating entries, or accessing information with custom roles and permissions.
  • Meet Teams Where They Are

    Get notifications, updates, and required actions on assigned work through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Key Features

  • Project Tracking
    Build Projects, set milestones, and manage approvals to keep responses on track.
  • Recommended Experts


    Using machine learning, the right subject matter expert is recommended based on previous responses.
  • Go/No-Go
    Evaluate opportunities and gather win/loss insights in Salesforce with criteria-based go/no-go scoring.
  • Detailed Change Logs
    Prevent version control issues and track updates.
  • Review Cycles
    Proactively nudge internal experts to review content, so your Library is always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Insightful Reporting
    Make data-driven decisions on how to improve your content library and response process.

Be the Sales Expert Your Customers Need

Buyers demand expertise about your products, company, and services. Provide your sales team with expert-vetted answers so they can take any question and transform it into an opportunity to win the deal.

A salesperson is using Loopio's sales knowledge to answer day-to-day sales questions. The content has a freshness score of 85% out of 100%.

Learn Why Leading Organizations Choose Loopio

“When looking at other vendors, we didn’t feel like they could meet the enterprise scale that we are really working at.”
Erin Thedwall
Director of Proposals
“Because we have the Loopio Library, our answers are thorough, well-thought-out, and up-to-date. That’s a big deal.”
Matthew Bianco
Matthew Bianco
Senior Sales Engineer
“We’ve completed nearly 600 RFPs in 10 months and have not missed a single deadline.”
Stephen Remmert
Sales Support Project Lead
“The ability to help one another on a dime is big. To be able to collaborate without sending documents is huge for our small team.”
Erica Yanecek
Erica Yanecek
RFP Technical Writer

Flexible Integrations for Better Workflows

Connect Loopio to tools your team already uses, like your CRM, file drives, web browsers, or Google accounts. The results: more insights, increased productivity, and better responses.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Google Drive
Microsoft Teams

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