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Never choose between quality and speed again. Deliver the best proposals
and hit your deadlines with Loopio’s RFP response software for RFIs, Security Questionnaires, DDQs, and more.

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Your Best RFP Content,
At Your Fingertips

With Loopio’s RFP library management system, all of your content finally has a home. It’s searchable, always up-to-date (thanks to some smart automation), and—most importantly—it’s a big time-saver.

Tame Content Storage Chaos

Store knowledge in a structured RFP answer Library that’s custom-built for your business with Categories and Tags.

Find the Right Responses Faster

Loopio’s powerful search capabilities and content entry system makes finding the best answers quick and easy.

Accurate Answers You Can Trust

Automated review cycles, Freshness Scores, and new content detection tools mean your Library is never outdated.

Key Features of Our RFP Library Management System

  • Multi-Language Library

    Organize and search your Library Entries in multiple languages.
  • Customized Categories

    Curate your data intelligently with Stacks, Tags and more.
  • Library Users

    Let your whole sales team view your content Library.
  • Freshness Score

    Easily see when your content was last reviewed or updated.
  • Duplicate Detection

    Keep your Library clean and uncluttered automatically.
  • Attachment Storage

    Store and update commonly used images and documents.
“Because we have the Loopio Library, our answers are thorough, well-thought-out, and up-to-date. That’s a big deal.”
Matthew Bianco, Senior Sales Engineer

Put Tedious RFP Tasks
on Autopilot

Digging through old documents. Reformatting responses. Let Loopio automate manual, low-impact RFP tasks so you can focus on doing what you do best: creating stellar responses.

Start New Projects With Ease

Intelligent import and question auto-detection help you kickstart RFP responses faster—no copying and pasting required.

Fill in the Blanks With One Click

Stop answering the same questions over and over again. Let our RFP response software find and suggest the right answers.

Cut Back on Formatting Fixes

When you finish a response, easily export it back to the original document format, a web portal, or a custom template.

Key Features of Our RFP Response Software

  • Intelligent Import

    Get started quickly with our easy data uploading process.
  • Magic Response Automation

    See automated answer suggestions for frequently asked questions.
  • “Closing the Loop” Workflow

    Identify new or updated response content for future use in your Library.
  • Customized Branding

    Create responses that match your branding when you export them.
  • Dynamic RFP Templates

    Deploy customized sales proposals and documents on the fly.
  • Easy Export

    Download finished Projects back into their original file format.
“We’ve completed nearly 600 RFPs in 10 months and have not missed a single deadline.”
Stephen Remmert, Sales Support Project Lead

Oversee Projects & Engage Teammates Effortlessly

Make responding to RFPs a streamlined, transparent process for everyone (including Subject Matter Experts) with Loopio’s easy-to-use, collaborative response management software.

Keep Every Response on Track

Build Projects, assign questions, leave comments, and set deadlines so your team knows what needs to be done next.

Give Everyone the Right Roles & Tasks

Get the right people answering questions, updating entries, or accessing information with custom roles and permissions.

Shine a Light on Surprising Stats

Get insightful content, project, and usage stats for a more comprehensive understanding of your RFP response process.

Key Features of Our Response Management Software

  • Project Tracking

    Set milestones and approvals to keep responses on track.
  • Slack Integration

    Get notifications and updates on your assigned work.
  • Comments & Notifications

    Notify team members when you need their help.
  • Detailed Change Logs

    Prevent version control issues and track updates.
  • Review Cycles

    Ensure content owners don’t forget to update vital data.
  • Insightful Reporting

    See how and where data is being used by your team.
“The ability to help one another on a dime is big. To be able to collaborate without sending documents is huge for our team.”
Erica Yanecek, Proposal Team Lead

Flexible Integrations for Better Workflows

Connect Loopio to tools your team already uses, like your CRM, file drives, web browsers, or Google accounts. The results: more insights, increased productivity, and better responses.

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