2022 Report

RFP Response Trends & Benchmarks

Response teams have taken a professional leap forward. Yet, only select companies have higher win rates. In this annual report, learn what top performers do differently to win.

We surveyed 811 people involved in responding to RFPs at organizations across North America. And despite this year’s peaks and valleys, 41% of companies are winning more than half of the RFPs they bid on.

811 companies were surveyed and 111,107 RFPs were submitted this year

So throughout this year’s annual industry report, we highlight what best-in-class teams do differently to drive success (and what you can do, too).

This report answers several big questions for our industry: How much revenue do proposal teams really influence? Does team satisfaction impact win rates? And what industry-wide trends will impact your team in 2022? Plus, there’s a new section, specifically focused on career growth and salary opportunities for proposal professionals.

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Who We Surveyed

All participants are either involved directly in the response process, or indirectly through managing an RFP response team.

“Thank you to those who participated in this year’s survey and to everyone reading this report. We hope it continues to inspire RFP responders to work smarter and win more.”
Zak Hemraj, Co-Founder & CEO

Habits of Top-Performers

Despite RFP volume and win rates dropping on average this year, select companies are leading the pack for revenue-earned and win rates. Below are the habits of top performers—those who win more than 50% of their bids.

Habit Top Performers vs. The Average
Submit more RFPs 155 RFPs annually versus the average of 137
Involve more contributors 10 contributors versus average of 9
Spend more hours writing 26 hours versus average of 24
Be more selective about bids 82% use a Go/No-go process versus 76%
Use a dedicated response software 73% use an RFP software versus 68%

Read on for more performance benchmarks and insights from this year’s report.

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