2023 RFP Trends & Benchmarks

Overview: Participant Distribution & Demographics

From proposals to pre-sales, writers to reps, here’s an overview of who participated in this year’s annual research report.

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Industry Distribution

Overall, a wide distribution of industries participated, with IT & Services (technology) and Software companies making up the biggest groups. Other groups that saw notable participation include Financial Services, Retail, Construction, Healthcare, and Non-profit/Government. Together, these seven groups make up the majority of our sample size (62%).

Distribution by industry: the majority (19%) is in IT and IT Services

Company Size Distribution

This year’s report saw an even blend of Small & Midsize (1-500 employees), Mid-Market (501-5000 employees) and Enterprise organizations (5001+ employees).

Small & Midsize: 35%, Mid-market: 34%, Enterprise: 31%
“As longtime supporters of Loopio’s annual trends report, we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate on this year’s research. Bringing together responses from APMP members around the world, this year’s report brings data-driven insights and a depth of information for RFP teams of all sizes.”
Rick Harris


For the first time, this research expanded beyond North America, including insights from RFP teams across Europe, Asia, and Australia. Next to North America, the United Kingdom has the second-most participants.

73% in North America, 16% in UK, 4% in Europe and Asia and 2% in Australia

Types of Documents (RFx) Handled

While the focus of this research is on RFPs—participating teams respond to all types of RFx in the sales process. Below is a breakdown of the types of documents participants respond to.

More then 80% of documents are RFPs, RFI and requests for quotes
“Over the past four years, RFPs have consistently influenced 30-40% of a company’s revenue. It’s clear that despite economic peaks and valleys, RFPs are a critical part of an organization’s growth.”
Zak Hemraj, CEO of Loopio
Zak Hemraj
CEO & Co-Founder

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