Acquiring Avnio: Building the Future of Response Management, Together

Zak Hemraj
Zak Hemraj

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a shift in conversations with Loopio customers. Questions have transitioned from, “How should I set up my RFP response process?” to “How can I harness the unique insights from my RFP team?” Customers are looking for more ways to utilize the powerful content and data inside their Response Management platform.

That’s why I’m excited to share that Loopio has acquired Avnio, a 100% Salesforce-native Response Management solution, which streamlines the process of responding to RFPs, RFIs, and questionnaires inside the world’s most-used CRM.

In this blog, I’ll explain why we acquired Avnio, the joint benefits for customers around the globe, and why this acquisition marks an important milestone for our industry.

“We are excited to join forces with Avnio and bring customers the best of both worlds. Together, we’ll provide the most powerful and streamlined Response Management platform in the market.”
Zak Hemraj, CEO of Loopio
Zak Hemraj
CEO & Co-Founder

Why Did Loopio Acquire Avnio?

This milestone marks the first acquisition in Loopio’s history. It’s a big step that will unlock new paths of growth for our customers, which is necessary when working in a competitive environment like bidding on RFPs.

Avnio is the only RFx solution that is 100% native to Salesforce—and 75% of Loopio customers are using Salesforce as their CRM of choice today.

By combining forces, we can provide a holistic RFx experience for Loopio and Avnio customers—leaning into our strength of content management and deep RFx workflows, alongside the power of Avnio’s analytics and automation in Salesforce.

Our teams also have an aligned vision about the future we want to build—where our customers can be even more proactive and data-driven in their approach. Together, we’ll build the next-generation response management solution.

Middle: Next-gen Response Management. Left: Loopio's Powerful Workflows and Content Management. Right: Anvio's deep integration with Salesforce.

What This Means for Customers

Customers will feel the benefits of this acquisition in two major ways. The first: Avnio’s CEO, and Founder, Tobias Dawes has joined the team as Loopio’s new Senior Vice President of Product & Design.

In addition to Tobias, the whole Avnio team will be welcomed to the Loopio family. This extends our footprint globally, with full-time team members based in the U.K. as well as India.

With more than 100+ existing Loopio customers in the U.K. (including three of the top five banks), this acquisition will help better serve customers in this strategic market—and around the world.

“We’re honored to join such a reputable company that shares our vision for a better RFx process. This acquisition will propel our products—and services for customers—to the next level.”
Tobias Dawes
Tobias Dawes
CEO & Founder

The second major benefit: Avnio’s platform has powerful and unique product capabilities that we’re excited to bring to the market as we integrate our solutions. Some of the product benefits that you can expect to see include:

  • Breaking Down Silos Between RFx and CRM Data

    Unifying RFx data with your CRM opens up a new world of richer insights, new capabilities, deeper workflows, and more.

  • Making More Strategic Go/No-Go Decisions

    Leverage CRM data to determine which opportunities are worth pursuing (and which are not).

  • Improving Win/Loss Insights

    Uncover valuable insights into why you’re winning or losing opportunities.

  • Accessing Robust Reporting

    Get more visibility into the revenue impact of RFx with robust reporting and analytics.

  • Tapping into Powerful AI and GPT Functionality

    Together, Loopio and Avnio will provide industry-leading AI functionality. This new generation solution will incorporate the best parts of each platform, like Loopio’s response automation tool, Magic, and Avnio’s pioneering use of ChatGPT.

This acquisition will usher in a new era for Response Management—one where the RFx process is deeply integrated into the sales technology ecosystem, putting the power of Loopio directly in the hands of sales teams.

While it will take time to integrate the functionality across our two platforms, we look forward to sharing updates on our advancements later this year.

“From better win/loss insights to putting Loopio in the hands of more salespeople—we’re very excited about the advancements our teams will unlock together.”
Zak Hemraj, CEO of Loopio
Zak Hemraj
CEO and Co-Founder

What’s Next? Welcoming Avnio to the Loopio Family

Joining forces with Avnio will unlock new areas of innovation, and in turn, new benefits for our customers. It is a reflection of our commitment to building the best Response Management platform for our customers.

While we’re extremely excited about this next chapter, I also want to acknowledge what won’t change—our commitment to being a people-first company. And we’ll do that how we’ve always done it—by focusing on helping our customers and employees grow.

To the Avnio team—and our valued customers—we can’t wait to work, and win, together!