Loopicon 2022

Where Professional Mastery & Personal Growth Collide

Learn from the brightest teams in proposal management at this free, virtual conference on Sept. 14 & 15.

Loopicon attendees and speakerAlexis MacDonald, Matt York, and others.

Two Days. Countless Learning Opportunities. Zero Cost.

Every year, Loopio brings together leading proposal and sales teams to connect, learn, and grow. You’ll enjoy thought-provoking keynotes, educational workshops, and networking opportunities.
The best part? It’s completely free and 100% virtual.

  • Learn How to
    Win More
    Hear about proposal best practices and sales strategies for growing revenue.
  • Master
    Your Craft
    Hone soft skills like team development, performance measurement, and more.
  • Work
    Learn the latest tools and training to improve sales efficiency and insights.

Why People Love Loopicon

  • Carryl Moore, Content Manager at Willis Towers Watson

    “The insights gleaned at Loopicon may save your sanity in the middle of an RFP deadline nightmare. (Or help avoid the nightmare altogether.)”

    Carryl Moore, Content Manager

    Willis Towers Watson
  • Matt Volpe, Proposal Lead at Cherry Bekaert

    “I was impressed with the speakers. They were all seasoned professionals, and they covered topics that were super relevant to my day-to-day job.”

    Matt Volpe, Proposal Lead

    Cherry Bekaert

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Loopicon 2019 attendees holding hugging each other shoulders and smiling joyfully