New: Need Sales Answers Fast? Access Loopio From Anywhere

Michael Stuparyk

Do your sales or proposal teams waste hours scrambling to find information for clients? Are there different versions of answers floating around your organization, which lead to confusion—or worse still—misinformation? 😵‍💫

If so, you’re not alone. According to Inc., sales reps spend 440 hours annually digging through old documents or chasing internal experts to answer customer questions about their products, company, and services.

At Loopio, this is something we’ve heard from leaders of sales and proposal teams again and again. And that’s why, today, we’re excited to announce a collection of new features that your team can use to quickly access trusted answers in Loopio, from anywhere they work.

What’s New?

A lot of work and collaboration goes into winning RFPs. But it’s rare that the proposal alone wins the job. There are usually pitches and questions throughout the process. Plus, additional presentations after the proposal submission to truly close the deal.

To address these questions promptly and accurately, your team needs access to a ‘single source of truth’—all your company’s internal knowledge under one roof. And, they need to access that knowledge easily, whether they’re out in the field, on a call, or at their desk.

With new enhancements that we’re calling Sales Knowledge, your team can now promptly access quality, consistent answers to customer questions in a number of ways, including the options below.

Platform Where to Access Your Loopio Library

(via browser extension)

Messaging Apps Slack
Microsoft Teams
Sales Tools

(via browser extension)

Cloud Documents

(via browser extension)

GSuite: Slides, Sheets, Docs
Microsoft: Docs, PPT, Excel
Desktop Documents Microsoft PowerPoint

Together, these features work to make the Loopio library accessible from anywhere you work.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation? No problem, quickly deploy vetted content with the new PPT Add-in. Question through email? Easy. Just highlight the question, and our browser extension will find the best answer, and instantly summarize it for you. Did someone ask a question during a Slack or Teams conversation? You got it—just ask Loopio for a quick response in your DMs.

Key Benefits

Whether you’re on a sales team, proposal team, or you’re an internal expert who regularly shares insights for customer questions, these enhancements offer several benefits to save you time (and headaches).

  • For Sales Teams

    Sales teams rely on quick access to accurate information. Being able to provide prompt and accurate responses sets a positive tone with prospects. With these features, you’ll have:

    • Access to accurate answers, no matter where you’re working, which allows reps to be prompt and stay on top of their workload (no more waiting ‘til I get back to my desk)
    • Less writing from scratch, which is often a tedious and dreaded task for sales teams, even in the era of GPT
    • Being prompt also helps you stand apart from your competition, who might take longer to secure the right answers to questions
  • For Proposal Teams

    These enhancements arm your writers, managers, and content leads with consistent messaging that they can use throughout the entire proposal process, including:

    • Accurate and up-to-date information, which means limiting the risk of conflicting messages or misinformation reaching your prospective clients
    • Metrics that highlight the best information, fast will save time (which means more time for winning business)
  • For Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

    Internal subject matter experts have tons of value to add for context on customer questions. But, on the flipside, they’re also extremely busy with their day jobs. 🤷 The solution? Instead of asking them to answer the same questions over and over again, you’ll ask them to contribute their expertise to one library as a central source of truth.

Bonus: Benefits to Your Prospective Clients

Sales Knowledge features in Loopio have several benefits for your prospects, too:

  • Enable them to make faster decisions about winning bids
  • Form positive impressions about what it will be like to work with your organization going forward
  • Eliminate confusing inconsistencies and mixed-up answers they might otherwise encounter

How Does It Work?

Now that you understand the benefits, it’s time to get into the fun part. Seeing how it all works. 😎

Look no further: The video below will give you a 3-minute overview of these new features in action.

Step-by-Step: How to Use Sales Knowledge

To use Loopio for Sales Knowledge across any platform, there are three key steps to share the best possible answers with your prospect.

Steps Description
1. Highlight & Search Simply highlight any text in your window, then use the new quick-action ‘Search Library’ to see the Loopio Library pop-up with answers.
2. Pop-Up Preview Next, click on search results to trigger a pop-up window that shows Library entries in their entirety. You’ll be able to see alerts, attachments, and usage scores so you always have the full picture of the content quality before selecting an answer.
3. Summarize Entries with Generative AI Easily generate summaries of any Library entry, shortening & simplifying them for the prospect persona. We use generative AI to automatically summarize the answers from your library into a short, medium, or long answer for your client. This takes much of the guesswork out of the writing process—and gives you a customer-facing answer in seconds.

How to Get Started With Sales Knowledge

Currently, any user with a paid Loopio license and Library access will have access to this new Sales Knowledge functionality. If you’re an existing Loopio customer, here’s how to get started:

Common Questions

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