New: Slack + Loopio—Work Faster and Search Smarter

The Loopio Team

If you use Slack at work, you probably love how it makes communicating with teammates and collaborating on projects easier. (We know we do!)

But it’s not a perfect system. Searching for shared documents across Channels can be difficult—and sometimes, when you eventually find those documents, they may not be the most recent version. Asking teammates questions on Slack can be a better alternative to an email—but these requests can also get lost in the shuffle or ignored.

This got us thinking: what if you could use Slack to more easily access your company’s best information—without ever leaving the platform? 

That’s why we’re introducing Loopio’s new Slack Integration. Now, you can quickly search your curated Loopio Library for information with a simple command from any Slack conversation. Plus, automated alerts and notifications help your team stay on top of Projects within the Loopio platform.

Search results in Loopio library happening within Slack.

Quickly Access the Information You Need, Whenever You Need It

Your Loopio Library is the home to some of your organization’s most accurate and up-to-date information. After all, it’s the content you use to respond to RFPs and win deals. Ensuring that your whole team can access the same information, whenever they need it, is vital to moving faster and creating consistent messaging across your company.

With the new Loopio Slack integration, it’s easier than ever to access that valuable content. Your team will be able to search the Loopio Library right from Slack. They can do this in a private channel to use for themselves, or search and share it in a group channel for better collaboration.

On a call with a prospect and need the answer to a question? Need information on that new product for an email? Want to share a new process with your team? Just type “/ loopio search” in Slack, followed by your search terms to get the most relevant results from your Library.

Never Miss An Important Deadline

Say goodbye to the “Did you see my email?” emails with the Loopio Slack integration. Now, you can get notifications of new Loopio assignments in Slack, so you never miss an important project deadline again.

Slack Notification from Loopio–"You've been assigned a project entry by John."

Plus, you’ll be able to kick your day off with the Daily Digest. Any day that you have outstanding tasks, you’ll get an at-a-glance overview of your assignments. This way, you can schedule your day accordingly and work smarter as a result.

Slack notification showing a summary of assignments (overdue, coming due, and all others).

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re a Loopio customer, you can start using our Slack integration today.

Setting it up is easy and can be done from the Integrations page in your Loopio Admin panel. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the Loopio Help Centre. You can also reach out to the Loopio Support Team for help.

Not yet a Loopio customer? Talk to one of our Product Experts to learn how you can better manage requests for company information using Loopio and Slack.

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