RFP Checklist Template

Ready, Set, Bid: Your RFP Process Checklist

Never miss a step in your RFP response process again. Keep track of all the tasks needed to craft a compelling proposal.

RFP checklist template

Tackle All the Essential Steps Needed to Win. Try this Useful RFP Checklist Template.

Responding to a request for proposal is a marathon, not a sprint. Use this RFP checklist to break down your project into bite-sized tasks. Feel confident about completing every step along the way, from research to review to submission.

Whether you have an RFP response process or not, you can:

  • Follow an Ideal RFP Process Checklist

    Provide all required documents with a proposal manager-approved checklist.
  • Outline Your Existing Response Process Steps

    From editing the subject matter experts to special requirements, you can make this checklist your own.
  • Reuse for Every RFP that Comes Your Way

    Improve consistency for every RFP project with this handy checklist your entire team will benefit from.
“Ensure that you define a process which allows flexibility when it is required. The ability to respond to a dynamic environment will be a critical component of your ability to produce responses with a high probability of wins. Flexibility must envelop your people, technologies, and procedures holistically.”
Matt Krumholz
Matt Krumholz
Senior Manager, RFP Programs
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