Go/No-Go Decision Template for RFPs

Assess customer fit at the very beginning of a project’s life cycle with this helpful project management tool. Try the go/no-go decision template today and prioritize incoming RFPs with confidence.

RFP go/no-go decision template

Proactively Respond to the Right RFPs at the Start of Your Project Lifecycle

This essential go/no-go decision template uses best practices from project managers and insights from proposal professionals to help you select which RFPs advance to the next stage.

Ensure your team makes informed go decisions by using this scoring system to rank the different project aspects like:

  • Client Relationship

    How strong is the client’s relationship with your company?
  • Project Insight

    Are you aware of any unique criteria or expectations?
  • Team Availability

    Do you have the resources to complete the project?

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FAQs About Go/No-Go Decisions

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