SaaS Sales Process: How to Achieve a 51% RFP Win Rate

RevGenius & Loopio webinar

What are Top SaaS Companies Doing to Rise to the Top?

Did you know that a third of software companies are winning 51% (or more) of their bids? 🤯 In this webinar with RevGenius, you’ll learn:

  • RFP Win Rates for SaaS Companies
  • Performance Benchmarks for Small to Large Orgs
  • The Strategies & Habits of Top Performing Teams

Featured Speakers

  • James Breen, Director of Sales at Loopio
    James Breen
    Director of Sales @ Loopio
  • Amy-Louise Tracey, Sr. Account Executive, Loopio
    Amy-Louise Tracey
    Sr. Account Executive. @ Loopio