Webinar: How Do Top Sales Teams Win More RFPs?

Loopio and Pavilion

What’s the key to strategically building more revenue?
Knowing the trends (and best practices) used by top-performing sales teams.

In this joint webinar, Loopio’s James Breen, Director of Sales, and Stephanie White, Director of Sales Enablement, dive deep into new research from 811 companies on how they handle the RFP process. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What Top Sales Teams do Differently to Win More Bids
  • Why Win Rates are Dropping Overall
  • Predictions for RFP Targets in 2022
  • strategy or intake icon
    Simple Strategies to Improve Your Team’s Process

Featured Speakers

  • James Breen, Director of Sales at Loopio
    James Breen
    Director of Sales @ Loopio
  • Stephanie White, Director of Sales Enablement at Loopio
    Stephanie White
    Director of Sales Enablement
    @ Loopio