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The Sales Playbook for the RFP Process

Learn the winning plays from top sales and proposal leaders at Dropbox, Qualtrics, and more.

The Sales Playbook for the RFP Process

What Does it Take to Win? 🏆 Practice These 5 Plays From the RFP Pros.

To be the best choice, you have to bid like the best. That’s why we teamed up with Pavilion to ask ten sales and proposal leaders about their top plays for becoming the #1 draft pick in the RFP process.

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Chase Winnable Opportunities

    Qualify the RFP by asking the right questions in your discovery call.
  • Make a Game Plan With Strong Win Themes

    Glean insights that will help your proposal stand out against competitors.
  • Build a Dream Team to Craft the Proposal

    Recruit the right people for the right positions to pass the RFP along.
  • Respond Faster With Writing Shortcuts

    Use a content library to repurpose answers from past wins.
  • Take Home the Win (And Keep Winning)

    Make the shortlist, maintain momentum, and negotiate a win-win deal.
I like to ask the buyer to disconnect from reality for a moment and envision the future. I’ll ask them: Imagine it’s twelve months from today, and we have yet to move forward with the project. What’s the impact on your business?
Alex Mereeb
Alex Mereeb
Sales Leader
Clearly communicate what is expected of your SMEs to support the response process. Pull out the major details that are relevant to them so that they don’t need to read through the entire RFP document.
Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson
Sales Operations Manager
If you aren’t having relevant conversations around the business outcomes connected to the RFP and your differentiation in delivering those outcomes, there’s a good chance another competitor is.
Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans
Americas Sales Program Manager

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