Creating an Effective RFP Process: Should Sales or Proposal Teams Lead?

APMP webinar: is a proposal-led process or sales-led process better?

Sales vs. Proposal-Led Process—Which is Better?

Sales teams are great at closing deals, but are they best suited for responding to complex RFPs? 🤔

 In this webinar with APMP, you’ll find out:

  • Who Misses the Most RFP Deadlines
  • Which Team Reports the Lowest Win Rates
  • Who is Best at Leading the RFP Management Process

Featured Speakers

  • Stephanie White, Director of Sales Enablement at Loopio
    Stephanie White
    Director of Revenue Enablement @ Loopio
  • Maggie Garratt, Sales Response Manager, Loopio
    Maggie Garratt
    Sales Response Manager @ Loopio