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The Ultimate Win/Loss Analysis Template for RFPs

Why Are You Really Winning or Losing Bids? Find Out With a Thorough Win/Loss Review.

Win or lose, you’ll learn something valuable from every RFP response. Use this win/loss analysis template to see what’s holding your proposal team back from winning even more. ๐Ÿ†

In this template, you’ll increase your win rate by analyzing:

  • Your Monthly Bidding Performance

    See where you excel in the RFP process and where you need more attention.
  • The Average Cost of Responding to RFPs

    Track your average cost per bid (and where you’re getting the best ROI).
  • Top Reasons for Winning (or Losing)

    Spot trends in win/loss research from both your proposal team and the buyer.
Writing good proposals helps win business, generate more revenue, and create jobs. That’s why we should be so proud of what we doโ€”and what we deliver for our organizations.
Jon Williams, Managing Director
Strategic Proposals

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