Template: Design Your Ideal RFP Library Structure

Free Template: How to build RFP answer library

How Can You Consistently Submit Your Best Bids? Build an RFP Answer Library 📚

Through this template, you’ll learn how to organize your best content, so you can respond faster, with quality answers. Learn actionable tips that teach you to:

  • Prioritize Key Pillars of a Healthy Library

    Best practices for keeping your content organized—no matter how many products (or services) you sell.
  • Review Content Library Examples

    Real examples of how other companies across North America organize their proposal answers.
  • Build Your Own RFP Library, Right Now

    Use this template to create the best structure for your own team’s
    RFP answer library.
“There’s nothing more painful than having your sales team dig through endless files for answers. These inefficiencies can cost you a lot of money.”
Stephanie Benavidez
Senior Director of Sales Enablement
Seek resources to train your co-workers on adding responses to your library. Tapping into your team’s collective knowledge will help you scale faster.
Monica Hirano, Senior Customer Enablement Manager, Loopio
Monica Hirano
Senior Customer Enablement Manager

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