RFP Analytics Template: 21 Proposal Metrics to Track

RFP analytics template

How Do You Track Proposal Success? Rally Your Team Around RFP Analytics

Is your proposal team flourishing without the numbers to back it up? Use this RFP Analytics Template to track performance, share bid insights, and celebrate wins. 🥳

Learn how to track RFP metrics and aim for benchmarks, like:

  • 44%

    Average Win Rate

    Measure how many deals closed, thanks to your RFP-savvy team.

  • 26 hours

    Overall Writing Time

    Prove that a quality proposal puts you at the top of the shortlist.

  • 65%

    RFP Participation Rate

    Show why it’s important to separate the duds from the dollars.

“CEOs and sales leaders employ us to help win business – but you can’t measure a proposal team on win rates alone. There’s so much more that influences the outcome. But imagine your win rate is zero: would that feel right? No! Win rate has to be a critical part of the mix.”
Jon Williams, Managing Director
Strategic Proposals