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Loopio's Seismic Integration

Enable Your Whole Team

Don’t let outdated content or busy internal experts slow you down.

By connecting your Seismic platform to Loopio, you’ll be able to respond to prospect questions quickly, at any stage of the sales cycle.


How Does Sales Process Automation Work?

Above all, sales automation should make the selling process easier, faster, and more efficient. Automation takes care of the tedious tasks, so you can spend more quality time on impactful, high-value work, like talking to prospects to really understand what they need you to solve.

But when it comes to sales process automation, you shouldn’t have look far for meaningful solutions. The best sales automation tools are the ones that easily integrate with software that your team already uses.

Look for sales automation tools that simplify a wide-range of tasks through the whole buying cycle—from responding to simple prospect questions over email, to tackling long, complex documents, like standard information gathering (SIG) questionnaires and requests for proposal (RFPs).

  • Centralized

    Organized content in one location, that your whole team can access.
  • Automated Responses

    Stop answering the same question again and again. Use Loopio’s intelligent automation tool to suggest the correct answers.
  • Seamless Collaboration

    Assign the right people, to answer the right questions, so you can tackle every response as a team.

Unsearchable files, outdated documents, and busy teammates are all barriers to responding to complex documents in the sales cycle (like RFPs) in a timely and efficient manner.

But Loopio helps you tame the content chaos. The platform’s cloud-based RFP response software helps you get the best proposals into your clients’ hands sooner, putting you in control of your day, your sales cycle, and ultimately your growth as a business. More than 1,000 leading companies (including DocuSign, HubSpot, and Slack) trust Loopio’s response software to send quality proposals, faster, to speed up their sales cycles.

“Why haven’t we been doing RFPs like this all my life?”
Carol Johnston, Director of Product Marketing

Does it Connect to Sales Automation CRM?

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps centralize information about your company’s interactions with potential customers. When people think about CRM automation tools, they likely think about a few well-known CRM automation examples: Salesforce, Microsoft, and HubSpot. But it helps to understand that the CRM automation meaning is not solely limited to these broad functions—it also includes the tech ecosystem that these tools sync with, as part of the sales cycle.

Although a sales automation CRM is known for supporting marketing automation and sales pipeline generation—it can be used to monitor pipeline tied to sort of revenue-generating activities, including high-value contracts through RFPs. Using Loopio’s sales automation Salesforce integration, you can track RFP pipeline progress and revenue metrics, without ever leaving your CRM system.

You can do this by starting proposals from directly within your CRM tool, automatically mapping client details into Loopio. Plus, integrate RFP response data from Loopio into Salesforce, in order to track open pipeline from RFPs, win rates, and much more. Connecting RFP response software to your CRM opens up a world of possibilities, in terms of reporting on the revenue impact of proposals.

Real Sales Automation Examples

Automating proposals allows you to grow and win new business by submitting more responses to RFPs faster, and more effectively. For instance, in one sales automation example, the team at HubSpot explains how they use 8 sales tools to scale revenue efficiency for their company.

They believe that sharing knowledge, and automating tedious tasks, is the key to success—so that’s how they approach their RFP process. This is a great sales process example of how software enables teams to work—and win—together. Collaboration is essential to the response process. While it can certainly be done manually, it’s much faster and more effective using an automation platform such as Loopio.

“We needed to help our salespeople sell—not dig through Google Drive for old RFP answers.”
Joe McGlinchey, Sales Strategy & Operations Associate Analyst

The Key Sales Automation Benefits

Sales automation benefits range from faster results to improved win rates. Sales and marketing automation software, when implemented and used correctly, can change your business for the better. However, it’s important to consider all aspects of sales automation in order to choose the platform that works best for your business. You should consider sales automation pricing to determine whether this type of software will fit into your company’s budget.

If your team is working with a smaller budget, it can be helpful to view a variety of sales automation examples to get a better idea of the level of support you’ll need (and whether that’s in your price range). Remember, you can always make a case for more resources if there’s a specific RFP platform you prefer.

As you’re making a case for your desired RFP platform, don’t forget to share key results with your leadership team, that help provide your case. For example: Loopio’s customers reap the key benefits below, by using the platform.

More RFP Responses
Our users have higher response rates than ever before.
Shorter Sales Cycle
Loopio users respond—and close new business—faster.
Time Savings
Our customers spend less time overall answering RFPs.

We interviewed hundreds of customers who shared the results above, through Loopio’s RFP Software Impact Guide. But beyond the quantitative benefits, qualitative benefits include an award-winning support and customer experience team that offers speedy technical help and sound strategic advice at every stage of your growth. Loopio users also have the opportunity to learn from hundreds of their peers through free events, webinars, and more, hosted by the company.

Beloved Sales Automation Companies

Among the most popular sales automation companies are two that were mentioned earlier, Seismic and Loopio. Together, these solutions offer a way to respond to prospect questions quickly, at any stage of the sales cycle.

In general, sales automation companies exist to help users streamline and automate their sales processes. Sales operations automation for example, can knock out a number of tedious tasks, that help reps focus on the work that matters. It can be especially useful for larger businesses managing more complex workflows—and those that handle a higher volume of requests for information (RFIs), requests for quotes (RFQs) or RFPs.

Proposal software is a popular solution for many sales teams looking to automate their process, as it speeds up tasks like creating proposal templates. It also helps with sales automation documentation, as it will typically offer a content library, which sales teams can use to ensure they’re all using consistent answers for prospects. For example, Loopio allows users to create branded sales documents in a fast and easy way, that teams can use at scale.

Additionally, you can create a variety of reusable templates for proposals and other sales documents that match your brand’s visual style. You can also reduce the design and marketing workload by letting sales reps build and customize their own RFP response and proposals quickly and easily.

Building Your Automated Sales Machine

RFP software like Loopio is popular because it can auto-fill responses to a number of questions in each proposal. If you can use a tool to knock out the repetitive questions, your team will have more time to focus on customizing proposals—and winning more bids. It’s time to build that lean, mean, automated sales machine.

Loopio also auto-detects new RFP answers so your content library stays seamlessly up-to-date. Further, Loopio allows you to engage teammates and oversee proposal management in one spot, resulting in fewer version control issues and missed deadlines. Loopio’s customizable library makes it easy to organize your content and find the best answers when you need them.

Options for Sales Automation Software

There is no question that sales automation software can fundamentally transform the way you do business. By eliminating the manual tasks associated with sales (like time spent formatting and answering RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs) you will have more energy to focus on the things that truly matter.

When searching for the top sales automation software for your business, look for something that’s going to take away the burden of manual tasks. Of course, your hand will almost always be required in the more detailed elements of your sales process, but there’s no reason that you can’t (and shouldn’t) automate the tedious work.

Together, Loopio and Seismic make the best sales automation software because these platforms help users win RFP responses on time, every time. You’ll never have to choose between quality and speed again.

The answer library provided by Loopio is searchable, easy to use, and can save you hours of time hunting through old email chains or slack threads for outdated answers. Loopio’s search capabilities and content entry system make it easy for users to find the best answers quickly and easily.

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