New: Take on Global RFPs with Loopio’s Multi-Language Library

Caleb Liao
Caleb Liao

Over the past year, we here at Loopio have noticed many more of our users logging RFPs in multiple languages—especially enterprise customers who operate in several different countries.

So, we set out to make creating RFPs in other languages as simple as it is for English-speaking teams. 

Today, we’re excited to have you say hola (or, if you prefer—bonjour, hallo, or olá) to the new Multi-Language Library. Now, Loopio users can easily submit RFP responses in  French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

How The Multi-Language RFP Library Works

Loopio’s Library could always be organized and searched using Categories and Tags. Now, the Language label is also an option for filtering content and structuring your entries. This makes storing and finding information in the right language and completing non-English RFPs a faster, more streamlined process.

Our search functionality has also been updated to seek answers across all five languages—even if the search terms aren’t an exact match. For example, if you were to search for “ran” in English, you would receive results including “ran,” “run,” “runs,” and “running.” Similarly, conducting a search in French for “courir” would produce results like “courir,” “cours,” “couru,” and “courra.”

We’ve optimized our intelligent automation tool, Magic, to be compatible with our five supported languages, too. This means you can upload an RFP in French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish and—voila!—Magic will detect the language and suggest content in the correct dialect.

Creating A Better Global RFP Response Process

With this update, companies can respond to RFPs in a more consistent and accurate way—no matter which region their teams are serving. They can collaborate more easily with peers in other countries and tap into company-wide expertise to create the best possible responses. (Next step: total world [RFP] domination! 🌎)

Loopio users on the Advanced and Enterprise plan can start using our Multi-Language Library feature today. All existing Library entries will be labeled as English or “EN” by default. (Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Support Team if you’d like help updating your entries.)

If you’re not on the Advanced or Enterprise plan, and would like to start using our new language capabilities, please email your Customer Success Manager to discuss set-up.

Not yet a Loopio customer? Talk to one of our Product Experts about how you can better manage requests for company information across regions with Loopio.

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