Introducing: Five New Features to Find Your Content Faster (for Better RFP Management)

Caleb Liao
Caleb Liao

A company’s most valuable asset is its people.

That’s why we’re focused on helping teams work better together (even when they’re apart).

We’re excited to announce that our product team just pushed five new features live in Loopio’s RFP response platform. Each is focused on providing even faster access to team content for proposals so that you can work smarter and faster.

Take a moment and catch up on the latest enhancements.

1. Connect Your Cloud RFP Storage ☁️ (It Makes the Response Process Smoother)

Loopio now connects directly with cloud storage solutions. This means all users can easily attach files (think technical diagrams or screenshots) from Google Drive and SharePoint in just a few clicks.

You can build upon this integration by syncing with Loopio Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Slack to supercharge your team’s speed.

Internally here at Loopio, we’ve been cloud RFP storage in a few ways: adding technical diagrams to Request for Proposals (RFPs) and attaching third-party reports to Security Questionnaires. Easy access to our company’s Google Drive makes responding faster (and saves precious time in our RFP response process).

2. Chrome Extension: Explore New Search Functionality 🔍  

Download the improved Chrome browser extension to quickly search your Loopio content Library, without ever switching tabs.

What does this mean for you? Think about your sales team—they can now access answers to prospect inquiries without leaving their inbox through cloud RFP questions. And your marketing team can quickly pull content for decks and collateral.

Basically, you can teach your colleagues to self-serve. The extension helps teams find the right content quickly, even if they aren’t in the office.

Tip: Do you need to grant more team members access to Loopio’s RFP response tool? No problem. Simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager for support.

3. Language Detection: Improved Multi-Language Library Means Better RFP Management 🤖

Say hola to a smarter Multi-Language Library. We’ve harnessed the power of machine learning to auto-detect the language used in new entries for your Library.

Machine learning is one of the many technologies that Loopio is leveraging to make our platform even smarter. In fact, we have an entire team invested in research and development.

Stay tuned for more announcements on how we’re leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to make RFP project management even easier.

This is a feature available for Loopio advanced users.

4. Add Alternate Questions While Working on an RFP Response 🕵️

Adding alternate questions is one of the most effective ways to improve accuracy in your Loopio search queries—and we’ve just made it even more convenient to use.

You can now add alternate questions to Library Entries as you are working through a proposal, right from your team’s Project Workspace.

This means you can stay focused on the task at hand (completing cloud RFP questions) while optimizing your content for better search results in the process.

5. @mentions on Library Entries: Intuitive and Easy Communication 📣

Have a question about content in your Library? Retrieve answers quickly by @mentioning team members in the entry’s comment section.

Here at Loopio, we use this function to confirm details with our internal subject matter experts.

For example, double-checking if a figure is accurate, or asking our Security team to upload supporting documentation for a questionnaire.

When you @mention a team member, the Loopio platform sends an email so they’re aware of your request (and can respond as fast as possible).

Ready to start using some of these new features? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. They would be happy to help improve your RFP response process.

Not yet a customer? Check out this 4-minute walkthrough video to see how Loopio can better manage your RFP responses. Watch Now

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