Library Users Help Sales Teams Move Faster and Smarter

The Loopio Team

Your Loopio Library is your most valuable resource when it comes to responding to RFPs and questionnaires. Built and maintained by your team, it’s become a treasure trove for your company’s most up-to-date and accurate sales information.

But RFPs aren’t the only way to leverage your Library.

With our Library Users feature, you can give all your sales teams the ability to search your content. This way, they can quickly and confidently answer prospect inquiries and drastically increase sales momentum.

Library Users see a read-only, search-focused version of the Loopio Library, which they can use to find answers to sales queries on their own instead of asking for help from internal subject matter experts.

With this critical knowledge at their fingertips, sales reps can answer prospects’ questions right away and move deals forward more efficiently. And, because the content in your Loopio Library is already on-brand and approved, you’ll ensure that the messaging being provided to prospects is more consistent.

Here are three important ways Library Users can help sales impress prospects and earn buyer trust faster.

1. On-Demand Access to Content

Any delay in getting prospects the information they need can threaten a deal, potentially leading to lost business.

Library Users lets reps act fast, eliminating informational bottlenecks by giving them access to your Library content anytime, anywhere and on any device. All they have to do is search for the information they need or browse the different Categories and Sub-Categories in your Loopio Library.

And because the experience is powered by Loopio, the content is always organized, up-to-date, and getting smarter the more it’s used thanks to key RFP response software features like automated review cycles and workflows that allow you to easily capture new or updated response content for future use.

2. Search Where You’re Working

People are creatures of habit and often aren’t motivated to learn a new system—especially if they’re only going to be an occasional user. The Library Users experience lets sales reps avoid learning a new tool by making the information they need available where they are already working.

With Loopio’s Slack Integration, reps can search for information directly from the messaging platform, easily share their results with the rest of the team, and, if they’re on a call, answer a prospect’s questions on the spot, mid-conversation.

Plus, they’ll also soon be able to search right from their Google Chrome browser with Loopio’s upcoming Chrome Extension, which will allow them to easily find answers to questions while responding to emails, working in an online RFP portal, and more.

3. Only Access What Is Important

Not all sales reps need access to all of the same information, especially if they work in different regions or business units.

With Library Users, you can easily define permission sets so sales reps can search for the answers they need without accidentally pulling in similar-looking content from products or regions they don’t want.‍

Supercharge Teams Across Your Organization with Library Users

Library Users can do more than just help sales reps answer prospect questions. The feature can also be used to:

  • Onboard new sales reps and other employees faster by using it as a training tool
  • Provide your marketing team with useful, up-to-date product information they can use for marketing campaigns
  • Store answers to common customer questions that your support and services team can access to resolve issues quickly and reduce response times
  • Give your human resources team a way to easily share company information and policies with employees, new hires, and potential candidates

Using Library Users is easy. If you’re already a Loopio user, you can reach out to your customer success manager to get started.

If you’re not a Loopio customer, request a demo today to see how quick it is to get set up.

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