Introducing: Your New Homepage (Command Central for RFP Responses)

Caleb Liao
Caleb Liao

Welcome to your new home… your new Loopio home(page) that is.
Our product team has thoughtfully designed a new experience for everyone involved in the RFP response process—from proposal owners to occasional contributors.

The second you log in, your Homepage surfaces critical information to keep you organized and productive. Since the Homepage is your first stop in Loopio’s RFP response platform, you’ll want to get comfortable with the new insights.Let’s begin the tour.

Insights for Responders: How to Manage Your RFP Process Through the Homepage

We’ve created two unique Homepage experiences: one for Loopio Administrators (also known as Admins) who need an overarching view of their team’s activity. And another for all other users, to help better manage their workload.

In this post, you’ll learn more about both homepage setups, and how to leverage the unique insights of each.

So, let’s dive in. Starting with Admins…

The Ultimate RFP Response Control Board

Loopio Admins have access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides visibility into the entire RFP response process. How should you manage an RFP using the new Homepage?

There are five widgets you can leverage. The first two (at the top of your Homepage) help you manage RFP responses by keeping track of your projects and the team’s progress.

1. Project Volume

Monitor the volume of projects your team is currently working on, so you can effectively balance workloads and set expectations.

2. Active Projects

Never miss an RFP response deadline with this detailed overview of specific responses. This will help stay on top of deadlines easily and keep track of the progress for individual Projects.

The bottom three widgets focus on your content. You can use these to surface insights that ensure your Library is up-to-date and accurate.

3. Library Health

Quickly identify which Library entries are out of date, so you can determine which content needs attention.

4. Answer Automation

Understand how your Library saves you time. You can find data on the answers you use most often, as well as details about Magic, Loopio’s RFP response automation tool.

5. New Library Entries

Keep an eye on all the new content entering your Library. This will help ensure your answers are of high quality, accurate, and properly labeled.

Easy Access to Your Most Important Tasks (Consider Your RFP Process Steps, Improved) 

For other users, your new Homepage focuses on helping you tackle tasks and improve productivity. (Good news Loopio Admins, you have access to this page as well!)

There are three new widgets to help you easily prioritize and deliver responses quicker:

1. My Project Tasks

Quickly identify the status of Projects you’re involved in. Plus, your individual tasks will be highlighted for visibility across the team.

2. My Team’s Unclaimed Tasks

Make sure no question, or review, falls between the cracks with this glance at your Team’s outstanding tasks. (This feature is available for Advanced Planscheck out Loopio pricing.

3. My Library Reviews

Which RFP process steps depend on you? Understand the content that you’ve been assigned to review. This feature makes it easy to work as a team to keep answers fresh and accurate. 

What’s Next? Three Ways to Action Your New Homepage For Better RFP Process Steps

There are dozens of ways to level-up your RFP response process with the new Homepage. However, we wanted to share three key ways that we, here at Loopio, are leveraging the new features.

Here’s how our team personally uses the new Homepage:

1. Review Your Content More Often

It’s hard to prioritize being proactive about content maintenance, but it’s the Library Health widget that makes it much easier. We’ve made it a team goal to more proactively assign orange entries to Library Reviewers, and also scrutinize whether to keep (or discard) red Entries that may not be relevant anymore. 

2. Quickly Tackle Unassigned Questions

Using the Projects widget, our team can immediately address “unassigned” tasks and stay on top of all outstanding proposals. It’s so easy. Simply click the grey button to see your “unassigned questions,” directly in the Project Workspace.

3. Proactively Use Answer Automations Insights

Using these insights, we can zero in on exactly how to increase automation rates. For instance, Loopio had a high number of questions that were answered by “Magic, with edits.” So we asked our team to Close the Loop more and better utilize Dynamic Variables in the Entries when editing client names.

Now, it’s time to get comfortable in your new home.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. They would be happy to help you get started.

Not yet a customer? Check out this 4-minute walkthrough video to see how Loopio can better manage your RFP responses.

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