The Next Chapter: Turning the Page On The Loopio Brand

Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hastings

When Loopio was founded in 2014, our co-founders Zak, Matt, and Jafar, were laser-focused on solving the RFP response problem. They had felt the pain of responding to RFPs in their previous roles, and knew others felt the same way.

They also knew that solving the RFP response problem required more than just software—it needed great design and passionate people to build and support it.

Fast forward to today, and the proof is in the numbers: over 800 customers and thousands of loyal users have saved countless hours by using Loopio.

A crowd gathers together at Get Loopi, 2019.

Loopio customers mingling at our Get Loopi party at the 2019 Loopicon conference.

But that combination of robust software, great design, and passionate people also produced something extraordinary: the Loopio brand. A brand that has been shaped by every decision we’ve made as a company, every Looper we’ve hired, and every customer interaction we’ve had.

Over time, our brand evolved from the Loopio logo to a belief system that guides some of our most important decisions. But interestingly enough, despite “knowing” our brand, we had never taken the time to fully articulate what the Loopio brand is and how best to truly express it.

We knew our values and what we stood for as a company, and weren’t shy about letting our “Loopi” personality shine through. But it wasn’t being represented in our product, or through our marketing—until recently.

Throughout 2020, you’ve seen us redesign significant portions of the Loopio platform, and may have noticed our beautiful new websites for Loopicon and RFP Academy, packed with bright colors and fun design elements.

But what you may not have known is that the driver for much of this work has been a company-wide initiative to evolve the Loopio brand. And today, we’re beyond thrilled to reveal the full scope of what we’ve been up to.

Connecting The Pieces

A collections of cover pages with Loopio's value advantages and value proposition.

Loopio’s superpower is its ability to create connections. Our platform can connect you to the information you need to complete a project like an RFP, RFI, or answer a question on a sales call. It can also connect you with people on your team, even from afar, to collaborate more effectively on projects. Co-workers vividly discussion their new RFP they are managing with Loopio

These connections are powerful, and we wanted to make them a core component of our new visual identity. We broke the Loopio logo into different connectors, and you’ll see their use and the connections they make represented throughout our new identity.

Giving Teal Some New Companions

Walking through the Loopio HQ halls, you’ll notice one thing in particular: there’s teal everywhere. It adorns our walls, our furniture, and heck, even our team’s favorite Loopillows. But we wanted to give teal more colors to interact with, so we developed some fun companion colors that you’ll start seeing popping up in everything we create.

Loopio's brand colours: teal, purple, pink, blue, orange, lime green, black, and white.

A unique set of complementary colors was also developed for use inside of Loopio’s RFP response platform. We know our users spend a lot of time working inside of Loopio, and our goal was to create a palette that matched our new visual identity but didn’t distract the user from getting their work done.

Loopio's platform UI colours: purple - primary, teal - complete, blue - in review, orange - unanswered, grey - unassigned, red - error

These extended color schemes also allowed us to develop distinct “mini-brands” for the different ways you can use the Loopio platform. So if you’re using Loopio to respond to Security Questionnaires, DDQs, or to create Sales Proposals, you’ll be treated to a distinct visual style that lets you know you’re in the right place.

Examples of what Loopio can do for you: RFI, RFP, Security Questionnaires, DDQs, etc.

Welcome To Our New Home homepage version of 2020

Last but not least, you’ve probably already noticed that you’re reading this announcement on the redesigned Not only will you see our new visual identity applied throughout, but you’ll also notice that our new site is faster, celebrates our customers more, and serves up some of our best content as you move from page to page.

Take some time to click through and check everything out. We’ve got a lot of little surprises throughout for you to discover––especially with our creative use of motion graphics.

Our Next Chapter

The Loopio brand is a celebration of all that we’ve accomplished together, and we hope you love our new visual identity as much as we do. While Loopio looks different now, our commitment to supporting you, our customers, and helping to drive your success remains unchanged.

We’re looking forward to building our next chapter and yours, together.

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