10 Must-See Sessions at Loopicon 2020: A Virtual Conference for RFP Responders

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Loopio
Katie Flood

Picture this: you’ve (virtually) arrived at Loopicon 2020.

Half of your speakers come from leading companies (like DocuSign, Clari, and Simpleview), to teach you about proposal mastery.

The other half are experts in the soft skills you need to get ahead in your career—like optimizing productivity and building stronger relationships.

Like many other 2020 events, this year’s conference looks a bit different. But, your goal is unchanged: connect with and learn from industry leaders.

Below, we’re highlighting some of the top sessions you’ll want to check out at Loopicon 2020’s digital conference.

Transform Your Response Process for the Better

1. Stop Wasting Time: Streamline with Lean Strategies

Only focusing on getting things done fast is not a sustainable solution for responding to RFPs. That’s why proposal manager, Kathryn Bennett, implements lean principles over agile ones, so she can focus on doing work right, the first time.

Learn how she optimized her team’s process from start to finish—and how you can do it, too.

Once you’ve learned the principles of a good process, it’s time to try perfecting yours in the following session.

2. Build The Ultimate RFP Response Process

In this engaging 30-minute session, Loopio’s Megan Nobrega teaches how to create a RFP response process that works for you—and enables your whole team to churn out high-quality bids every time.

Now that your process is down pat, let’s switch gears to the soft skills that will improve your workflow.

Hone Productivity Skills & Advance Your Personal Growth

3. Become Indistractable: Control Your Attention & Choose Your Life

Distractions are everywhere we go—at work, at home, and all our devices. (Is it even possible to remain productive throughout the day anymore?)

Behavioral design expert and best-selling author Nir Eyal thinks so. Join this presentation to recognize psychological hooks that are distracting you. And hear the practical tactics you can use to take back your time and become indistractable.

4. Battle Burnout And Focus on What Matters

Speaking of practical tactics, Hamza Khan will share how a deadly brush with burnout inspired him to create a framework that eliminates busyness to focus on what matters. After this talk, you’ll know how to stay productive—without running out of steam—no matter what’s thrown your way.

Once you feel rejuvenated, prepare to soak in expert advice on another essential skill.

Better Writing = Better Proposals

5. The Messaging Workshop That Will Change Your Proposal Narrative

To write persuasive content, you need to do more than copy and paste. Join Samantha Enslen from Dragonfly Editorial for a lesson on how to leverage the power of persuasion in your proposal writing. In this presentation, she’ll share an easy-to-use framework for personalizing answers and increasing your win rate through customer-focused writing.

And if you want to improve your writing skills, you must attend this next talk from marketing legend, Dave Gerhardt.

6. Level Up Your Copywriting Game and Win More 

Sure, creative copywriting can sell consumer products—but if you sell complex solutions to professionals, you can’t adopt a casual tone, right? Wrong! Let copywriting expert, Dave Gerhardt, share practical tips for crafting human-centric proposals, emails, and sales collateral that’ll stand out from the competition.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, Through Improved Collaboration

7. Steer Relationships, Deals and Your Career With These Simple Questions

The secret to working well with others isn’t about how you present your stance, or how much you’re liked. In fact, asking the right questions can achieve your goals faster than old-school negation tactics can. In this talk, best-selling author and mediation expert, Alexandra Carter, shares powerful tactics for steering the course of your relationships, and your career, by tapping into your curiosity.

And on the theme of steering conversations, here’s how you take it one step further.

8. Change Leadership Lessons That Every Professional Needs to Know

Let an experienced change management strategist break down the basics of effectively leading and managing change to get the results you want.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta will help you pull off a daring shift—to become an agent for change in your organization, increase your influence, and equip you with skills to prepare for the future of work. But knowing some best practices will help too…

Best Practices From Sales Leaders

9. Leverage Your TechStack To Achieve Lightning-Fast Questionnaires

Faster security approvals—yes, it can be done. Meet the person who makes it possible, Clari’s Sales Engineering Leader, Ben Chen. Find out how Ben uses three critical tools to handle 5000 security questions every quarter—and saves Clari’s security team an impressive average of 500 hours in the process.

Speaking of questionnaires…

10. Make Technical Sales Your (Unfair) Competitive Advantage

Security assessments and technical deep-dives may not seem like the right moment to ‘WOW’ prospects. But these seemingly straightforward responses are likely being neglected by your competitors.

Enter: an opportunity where you can gain a surprising edge. Join sales and solutions leaders from Outreach, Slack, and Amazon Web Services for tips to up your technical sales game and fuel your business growth.

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