Webinar: Finish Security Questionnaires 7X Faster—Without Sacrificing Accuracy

How to Finish Security Questionnaires 7X Faster.

What’s the secret for responding to Security Questionnaires quickly *and* accurately?

The perfect blend of automation and—most importantly—internal collaboration between Sales and Security teams. And we’ve brought together a high-performing team to explain exactly how it can be done.

This on-demand webinar explores how Clari’s Sales Engineering Manager, Ben Chen, and Chief Information Security Officer, Silvano Silva, created the ultimate Security Questionnaire response process. They’ll share:

  • The tools they use to take the response times from 2 weeks to 2 days

  • How to create a frictionless process that balances sales and security needs

  • Candid advice for cross-functional teams and answer participant questions live

Watch the Webinar