Webinar: Finish Security Questionnaires 7X Faster—Without Sacrificing Accuracy

How to Finish Security Questionnaires 7X Faster.

Watch the Webinar

What’s the secret for responding to Security Questionnaires quickly and accurately?

The perfect blend of automation and—most importantly—internal collaboration between Sales and Security teams. And we’ve brought together a high-performing team to explain exactly how it can be done.

This on-demand webinar explores how Clari’s Sales Engineering Manager, Ben Chen, and Chief Information Security Officer, Silvano Silva, created the ultimate Security Questionnaire response process. They’ll share:

  • The tools they use to take the response times from 2 weeks to 2 days

  • How to create a frictionless process that balances sales and security needs

  • Candid advice for cross-functional teams and answer participant questions live