How to Use AI in Proposal Management

Learn about the game-changing potential of using ChatGPT for proposals in this on-demand webinar.

Can ChatGPT Transform Your Proposal Process? Learn About the Uses, Limitations, and Predictions. πŸ€–

Not sure how to harness the power of AI for proposal writing (and more)? Hear from four industry experts as they unravel the mysteries of leveraging ChatGPT in your jobβ€”topics include:

  • How Other Teams Are Using ChatGPT for Proposals

  • The Impact This Technology Has on Your Content Library

  • Predictions on the Changing Role of Proposal Teams

Featured Speakers

  • Aida Rahim

    Aida Rahim

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Renee Golding

    Renee Golding

    Proposal Manager
    Element 451
  • Kristen Ruiz

    Kristen Ruiz

    National Governments Content Systems Manager
  • Ceri Mescall

    Ceri Mescall

    Work Winning Consultant

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