How to Use AI in Proposal Management

Learn about the game-changing potential of using ChatGPT for proposals in this on-demand webinar.

Can ChatGPT Transform Your Proposal Process? Learn About the Uses, Limitations, and Predictions. 🤖

Not sure how to harness the power of AI for proposal writing (and more)? Hear from four industry experts as they unravel the mysteries of leveraging ChatGPT in your job—topics include:

  • How Other Teams Are Using ChatGPT for Proposals

  • The Impact This Technology Has on Your Content Library

  • Predictions on the Changing Role of Proposal Teams

Featured Speakers

  • Aida Rahim

    Aida Rahim

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Renee Golding

    Renee Golding

    Proposal Manager
    Element 451
  • Kristen Ruiz

    Kristen Ruiz

    National Governments Content Systems Manager
  • Ceri Mescall

    Ceri Mescall

    Work Winning Consultant

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