Top Tips from Top RFP and Proposal Management Experts

Top Tips from Top RFP and Proposal Experts

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Get tips and best practices from Proposal Managers on streamlining the response process, maintaining content, collaboration, and technology.

Finding the time to keep up with industry best practices and trends can be challenging when you’re a busy proposal or RFP professional. We asked leading experts in the field to tell us their proposal management secrets and insights, and now we’re sharing them with you.

This eBook will help you with:

  • ‍Streamlining your RFP process

  • ‍Creating and maintaining content

  • ‍Collaborating with other teams

  • ‍Leveraging technology

  • ‍Getting ahead in your career

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"Ask questions and work to ensure that you gain a full understanding of the goals for all parties involved in the RFP process. When possible, also attempt to ascertain what problems (stated or unstated) the people who will be evaluating your proposal are looking to solve.”
Matt Krumholz
Matt Krumholz
Senior Manager of RFP Programs