PowerSchool Ups RFP Response Rate by 60% with Loopio’s RFP Software

A team of four works together beside a laptop.
  • Increased RFP success rate by 60%
  • Managed content for 6 business lines and involved over 50 users
  • Submitted 100% of projects on time

PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12, serving more than 24.5 million students, 43 million parents, and 68 million users in over 70 countries around the world. PowerSchool provides best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions that empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities.

RFP response process before Loopio

With six acquisitions in one year, PowerSchool’s content library was changing fast. They needed a solution that gave clear visibility into content freshness and was easy to update on the fly. Loopio’s content feedback through Close Loop and freshness snapshot with Library History made Loopio the perfect solution for PowerSchool.

Why PowerSchool chose Loopio’s RFP software

PowerSchool was originally working with another RFP software company and found its solution to be slow and inefficient. It was hard to collaborate or find past responses, meaning work was being redone. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) were getting increasingly frustrated that they were being asked the same questions over and over again

“It was painful. I can’t imagine doing that now with all 6 of the new companies we’ve acquired.”
Kathleen Currie, Manager of Bids and Proposals

Streamlining RFP response collaboration

Solutions Engineers now manage their own “matrix style” RFPs in Loopio and Assign out questions as needed. This allows the RFP team to focus their time on RFPs that require tailored responses. Monica Merrill, a PowerSchool Proposal Manager, said, “Now, we have a real partnership with our Solutions Engineers.”

The Subject Matter Experts love that they’re able to track their requests in one location. When they’ve answered a question, it’s fed back into their Library (using Loopio’s Close Loop feature), and it becomes available for the rest of the team. Continuously feeding valuable responses into the Library means Subject Matter Experts aren’t asked the same questions over and over again — saving them time.

RFP writers know that if they see outdated content, they can instantly assign it to a Subject Matter Expert for Review and, with clear Notifications sent from Loopio, they won’t be stuck chasing that Review down!

With instant access to the best content, PowerSchool is sending out better RFPs. The proof is in the numbers: Jen Armstrong, a Proposal Manager and Loopio Champion at PowerSchool, has seen the RFP success rate increase by 60% since the team has implemented Loopio!

Managing content and scaling RFP responses

With the support of the Loopio Platform and team, PowerSchool is able to manage their ever-increasing content Library and growing volume of incoming RFPs. Jen Armstrong said, “The number of RFPs our team is tasked with has at least doubled since we first started using Loopio, and we have never failed to get a Project out on time.”

Why PowerSchool
Loves Loopio

“We always meet our deadlines, and I know Loopio has helped us achieve that.”
Jen Armstrong, Proposal Manager

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