Report: How Proposal Teams are Managing RFPs During COVID-19

Chapter 2. Changes in work of the report "How Proposal Teams are Managing RFPs During COVID-19"

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In April 2020, we conducted a Proposal Industry Pulse Check survey to find out how proposal management has changed in the wake of COVID-19.

300+ RFP responders shared how they’ve been navigating work during this pandemic. This free report uncovers insights on the topics of:

  • Recent shifts in RFP volume (by industry and markets served)

  • Budget and resource changes, plus future outlooks and predictions

  • Top challenges proposal teams are facing now as they move to remote work

Those who respond to RFPs are facing new challenges:

of survey respondents report a decrease in RFP volume.
have experienced a reduction in budget or resources.
of RFP team are working remotely for the first time.