The Enterprise Guide for Migrating RFP Management to Loopio

The Enterprise Guide for Migrating RFP Management to Loopio

Download the Enterprise Guide for Migrating to Loopio

Download this guide to find out how we make migrating RFP management to our digital platform quick and easy for enterprise organizations.

Adopting a platform to manage the RFP and questionnaire process might seem like more trouble than it’s worth for busy enterprise organizations.

That’s not the case with Loopio’s RFP automation software. Our implementation process is fast and stress-free (and takes 30 days or less!).

In this implementation guide, we share:

  • How we help you design a Library structure that works for your organization

  • The best (and fastest) content migration approaches

  • Team training and roll-out tips from our onboarding team

  • Advice for maintaining your Library—with minimal effort

  • Answers to FAQs we receive about Loopio’s set-up process

Guide Snippets

"Loopio has dramatically increased the efficiency of our teams. Working together, using the Library, and not encountering issues with version control—it saves us a TON of time."
Rob Wunder, RFP Director at Agfa Healthcare
Rob Wunder
RFP Team Lead
Watson Health Imaging