Report: Top Trends Impacting RFP Management in 2021

Learn what’s changing—and what isn’t—for RFP responders this year. Read Loopio’s annual Response Trends & Benchmarks Report.

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2021 RFP Response Trends & Benchmarks Report Cover page

Key Trends in RFP Management

  • 1

    RFP-Sourced Revenue
    Took a 6% Hit. 

    Revenue from RFPs is down 6%, although some industries fared better than others with COVID-19.
  • 2

    Resource Investments
    Are Shifting.

    Revenue leaders are still investing in RFP response teams, but fewer are hiring more team members.
  • 3

    Employee Stress Levels
    Impact Win Rates. 

    Teams with manageable stress levels win more—but many leaders and employees aren’t aligned.
  • 4

    Team Collaboration Is
    Getting Tougher.

    Getting timely support from internal experts is the #1 suggestion to improve the response process.

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Expert Insights on RFPs in 2021

“One of the most valuable things that we’ve learned from the pandemic is that our growth-oriented members prioritized internal collaboration, communication, and silo-busting.”
Rick Harris
The Association of Proposal Management Professionals
“Filling out RFPs with speed and accuracy allows you to submit first—and increases your chances of your response being read first by buyers, which can translate into more wins.”
Akshat Srivastava, founder of the Sales Engineers of New York (SENY)
Akshat Srivastava
Sales Engineers of New York (SENY)
“Stakeholders are expecting companies to step up and deliver on sustainability, so focus on the big things, including diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as your carbon impacts.”
Frances Edmonds
Head of Sustainable Impact
HP Canada

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