Loopicon 2020 Video Library

Watch replays of your favourite talks and panels from Loopio’s second annual conference below.

Zak Hemraj, Loopio CEO, speaking at Loopicon 2019


Our 2020 keynote speakers discuss the trends impacting how you work—and share the techniques and tools you can use to get ahead of them.

Zak Hemraj
Where Do We Grow From Here? A Discussion About Resiliency and Intentionality
Zak Hemraj, CEO & Co-Founder, Loopio
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Alex Carter
How to Steer Relationships, Deals & Your Career With 10 Simple Questions
Alexandra Carter
Professor at Columbia Law School; Best Selling Author of Ask for More
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Matt York
The Evolution of Loopio’s Response Management Platform
Matthew York, CTO & Co-Founder, Loopio
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Nir Eyal
Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
Nir Eyal, Best Selling Author of Hooked and Indistractable
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Zach Farber
Magic Show with Magician Zach Farber
Zach Farber, Account Executive, Loopio
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Proposal Mastery

Tactics and strategies for transforming your response process and maximizing your win rates.

Julie McCoy
How It Gets Made: Building a Global Proposal Department From Scratch
Julie McCoy, CF APMP, Director, Global Proposal Management, DocuSign
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Jennifer Citron
Hunger Games & Glitter Bombs: How RFP Gamification Engages SMEs & Improves Productivity
Jennifer Citron, Bid Development Specialist, Simpleview
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Kathryn Bennett
Stop Wasting Time: Streamline Your Process with Lean Strategies
Kathryn Bennett, Proposal Manager, Dude Solutions
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Stories of Scale: How Teams of All Sizes Can Increase Response Velocity
Lise Fleuette, Senior Proposal Writer, Tracelink
Stephen Remmert, Senior Sales Proposal Analyst, Sailpoint
Nicole Robinson, Bid Manager, Herjavec Group
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Executive Insights: Human-Centric Sales at Scale
Jennifer Franklin, VP of Sales, League
Robert Flint, RVP of Global Sales, Seismic
Ralph Barsi, VP of Global Inside Sales, Tray.io
DeJuan Brown, VP of Sales, Fringe
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The Flip Side: Meet Your New Buying Committee
Pallabee Bera, Vice President of Procurement, Acosta
Jeff Kohrman, Founder & CEO, eCISO
Brian Montminy, CFO, Lessonly
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Professional Advancement

Workshops and talks devoted to developing new skills, personal growth, and getting your next promotion.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta
Change Leadership Lessons That Every Professional Needs to Know
Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta
Change Management Strategist & Founder, The Change Leadership and OliveBlue
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Hamza Khan
How to Battle Professional Burnout (Even If You Don’t Control Your Workload)
Hamza Khan
Managing Director @ Student Life Network & Author of The Burnout Gamble
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How to Level Up Your Copywriting Game and Win More
Dave Gerhardt, CMO, Privy
Jill Wood, Director of Communications, Loopio
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How to Make Technical Sales Your (Unfair) Competitive Advantage
Nathan Eads, Senior Solutions Engineer, Slack
A.J. Forkner, Manager, Solutions Consulting, Outreach
Akshat Srivastava,
Enterprise Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, and Founder of Sales Engineers of New York
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Samantha Enslen
Messaging Workshop: Change Your Proposal Narrative to Increase Your Win-Rate
Samantha Enslen, President, Dragonfly Editorial
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The New Response Professional Career Paths
Stephanie Benavidez, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, WellRight
Marie-France Cardin, Principal, The Winning Partnership
Sara Willson-Thacker, Senior Manager, EUC, Technical Proposals, VMware
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Tools & Technology

Previews of new Loopio features and other innovative tools that are changing the industry.

Megan Nobrega
Building the Ultimate RFP Response Process Roadmap with Loopio
Megan Nobrega, Customer Success Manager, Loopio
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Maureen Cody
Ready, Set, Implement! How to Adopt RFP Software in 45 Days
Maureen Cody, Complex Bid Specialist, Segra
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Grant Waldron
How to Automate Your RFPs, Without Losing The Human Touch
Grant Waldron, Proposal Manager, Fastly
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Nahla Salem
Demystifying AI: What Does the Future Hold for RFP Responders?
Nahla Salem, Senior Product Manager, Machine Learning, Loopio
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Benjamin Chen
Need for Speed: Creating a Tech Stack for Lightning-Fast Security Questionnaires
Ben Chen, Sales Engineering Manager, Clari
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