Loopio Labs

How Customers Influence the Direction of Our Platform

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What’s “Loopio Labs”?

Loopio Labs is the research arm of Loopio’s Product & Design team, created to connect the people who use Loopio every day with the people who build Loopio every day.

Why did we create Loopio Labs? We want to build the best possible tool to help you focus on the work that matters most. The best way for us to do that is to make sure we’re working closely with you, and customers like you.

How It Works

  • Let Us Know You Want to Participate (It’s Easy)
    Sign up for Loopio Labs within your Loopio Account by following the instructions at the bottom of this page. You’ll be one of our go-to experts in the field! But we won’t bug you too often and you can decline (or unsubscribe) anytime.
  • Share Feedback and Discuss Your Challenges
    Once signed up, you’ll receive occasional invitations to connect with the Loopio Product & Design team for a 30- or 60-minute video call. We’ll either chat about your unique workflows, show you prototypes of new features or functionality, or both!
  • Have an Impact on the Future of Loopio
    See new features first and get the inside scoop on where Loopio is headed next. Most importantly, your feedback will directly influence the direction of our product and will help us design and build solutions that address your challenges and those of our other customers.

Have Your Say & Join
Loopio Labs Today

Head to your Loopio Account Details page (click your name in the top right of your Loopio Account) to sign up.