How to Automate RFPs, Without Losing The Human Touch

Learn how Grant Waldron, Proposal Manager at Fastly, turns around highly technical RFPs at lightning speed with RFP automation software. In this talk, Grant will reveal the tactics and tools his team uses to balance their workload, pivot quickly, and maximize efficiency (without losing their humanity in the process).

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“I’m putting up more RFPs as one person than we put out as three.”
Kathryn Bennett, CPSM, Proposal manager at Dude Solutions
Kathryn Bennett
CPSM, Proposal Manager
Dude Solutions
“Loopio has been better than advertised. I wish I had it years ago.”
Tyler Click, Director of Corporate Contracts at Conmded
Tyler Click
Director of Corporate Contracts
“Loopio removes the suck-factor from RFPs.”
Paul Franke Jr.
Senior Director of Business Development
“Why haven’t we been doing RFPs like this all my life?”
Carol Johnston
Director of Product Marketing
“The RFP software your company NEEDS. Loopio’s platform is fantastic.”
Jonathan Ciccone
Lead Alliances Solutions Engineer

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