Loopio Reimagined: Why We Refreshed Our Platform

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Loopio
Katie Flood

Over the last six years, Loopio’s RFP software has made responding to RFPs, Security Questionnaires, DDQs, and other proposals a better experience for tens of thousands of people.

But we’re never satisfied with “better.” RFPs and questionnaires are getting more complex—and the tools available to sales and proposals teams aren’t always keeping pace.

So, we challenged ourselves to completely redesign our platform so it could save our users even more time—without sacrificing response quality. To do this, we gathered feedback from hundreds of customers to find out what they loved about the platform—and what they wished was better. We scrutinized every single click and interaction to streamline the response process as much as possible.

Today, I’m proud to share the reimagined Loopio with the world. The new-and-improved platform gives users an even more intuitive experience—whether they’re a power user responding to dozens of RFPs, or an occasional subject matter expert who answers questions now and then.

But the thoughtfully reimagined Loopio is so much more than a visual redesign. There’s also lots of all-new powerful features that make collaborating and building winning proposals simpler. Here are some of the key highlights:

A More Intuitive Project Workspace

The reimagined Project Workspace is designed to make responding faster than ever. With lightning-fast load times, important timeline and team information easily available from the new sidebar, and more prominent access to Magic and your Library, you’ll be able to complete responses in record time.

Three Unique Ways To Work

We’ve created three new views for working in Loopio. This way, every Loopio user can work how they want to work and be as efficient as possible.

First up is Project View. This flexible overview lets you manage everything in a response Project, from responding to questions to exporting a finished proposal—all in one place.

Focus View lets you put your head down and answer questions in a distraction-free interface. Respond to questions one at a time, quickly pull in answers from your Library, and leave comments for your team members. (It’s the perfect for Subject Matter Experts who want to get their work done quickly.)

Source View (my personal favourite) enables you to build your response inside a familiar word processor or spreadsheet interface and see the full instructions from the source document—but with all the powerful Loopio features you love at your fingertips. I like to call it “the best of both worlds.”

Smarter Content Search and Suggestions

We’ve revamped the Library Search so that finding that right piece of content is even easier. First, you can easily build more detailed searches with the new sidebar. You can add filters and see how the results change, without having to rerun the entire search. We’ve also improved Magic (our auto-fill answer tool) so that it’ll search multiple Stacks and find the right answers faster.

More Insightful Dashboard

With the enhanced Project Dashboard, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your entire project. Now, it’s easy to understand what work is outstanding, which team members may need an extra hand, and whether you’re on track to hit your timelines.

Designing RFP Software for Today’s Users—and the Future

Redesigning our platform an incredibly iterative process; a process, in fact, that will never be done. We’re committed to continuously improving and expanding the Loopio platform, so that it’s not only the most intuitive RFP response platform on the market today, but so that it will be in 3, 5, and even 10 years.

Already a Loopio user? Experience new ways of working in Loopio by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager today.

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