2022 RFP Trends & Benchmarks

5 Steps to Win More RFPs This Year

  • Run a Survey Among Your RFP Team and Contributors

    Satisfied teams tend to be more productive. So if you don’t have a baseline for your team’s satisfaction, find out how they feel, and use those insights to make changes to your process. Are people struggling to get timely responses from SMEs? Buried under repetitive, manual tasks? Pinpoint the problems plaguing your team, then take steps to action those insights.

  • Compare Your Findings With Industry

    Next, take those key findings from your survey, and compare them against industry benchmarks in this report. For example: Do your teammates struggle with hitting deadlines? Use this report to investigate how your turnaround time, team size, bid volume, or how your RFP/RFI tools compare to your peers. Are you missing deadlines due to a lack of resources? Make a data-driven case about where you see opportunities to improve. (Or, you can even see how your proposal manager salary compares.)

  • Share Solutions With Your Leadership in Mind

    Executives expect more RFP volume in the year ahead. So, when making the case for new resources, center on how these investments in your response function will help you gain a competitive edge, keep up with industry standards at organizations in your industry, or tackle volume demands in the year ahead.

  • Reset on the Metrics That Matter

    People tend to focus on what they’re measured on. Whatever changes you propose to your program, prepare to measure them in a more balanced way than simply looking at revenue. Meet with stakeholders from the teams involved and agree which RFP metrics you’ll report back on, once an investment is made in your department.

  • Invest in Your Own Learning in 2022

    Consider how you can personally upskill and invest in new opportunities that’ll further your career—and hopefully, help you get that next promotion.

    Learn from the best in the bid-ness. Master the basics of a solid proposal process through RFP Academy, a free, 8-lesson course from five industry pros.

    Get certified on the right tools. If you’re a Loopio user, consider becoming officially certified through Loopio’s Learning Station. Earn a certificate to display on LinkedIn, which can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

    Join a growth-focused community. Further your professional knowledge—or simply connect with your peers, in some of our favorites groups and communities, including: Pavillion, Response Insiders, and Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

“You need every advantage you can get during the sales cycle, especially for large, complex deals. So if you don’t answer RFPs well, or don’t have a clear process, it’s going to impact your ability to win.”
Sam Jacobs, Founder
Pavilion (Formerly Revenue Collective)

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