Productivity Plays for Revenue Enablement Teams

Paviilion Panel: Revenue Enablement Productivity Plays

How Can You Make Revenue Enablement More Productive?

Stop random acts of enablement 🙅🏻 and learn how to thrive as a solo enabler. In this panel, you'll learn how four leaders make their teams more successful through:

  • The Ideal Sales Enablement Team Structure

  • Strategic Enablement (Learning When to Say 'No')

  • Overall Sales Efficiency (Doing More With Less)

Featured Speakers

  • Stephanie White

    Director of Revenue Enablement @ Loopio
  • Laura Wheeler, VP of Revenue Ops & Enablement, Spekit

    Laura Wheeler

    VP of Revenue Ops & Enablement @ Spekit
  • Steffaney Zohrabyan, Sales Enablement & Digital Adoption, Cisco

    Steffaney Zohrabyan

    Sales Enablement & Digital Adoption @ Cisco
  • Linda Dao Ohr, Global Head of Sales Enablement, Kin+Carta

    Linda Dao Ohr

    Global Head of Sales Enablement @ Kin+Carta