How Clari Completes Security Questionnaires 7x Faster with Loopio

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  • Decreased questionnaire turnaround time from 2 weeks to just 2 days.
  • Handles 120 security questionnaires each quarter while saving security team an average of 500 hours quarterly.
  • Sales engineers now answer 90%-95% of questions accurately.

Clari is a revenue operations platform that helps companies drive pipeline, improve productivity, and better forecast revenue. Hundreds of sales, marketing, and customer success teams at leading companies use Clari to produce accurate, reliable forecasts.

Challenge: Quickly (and Accurately) Answering 5,000 Security Questions Each Quarter

Clari is seeing massive growth in its prospects and new deals. Last quarter, the company received 120 security questionnaires that contained a total of 5,000 questions.

As their workload grew, the Sales Engineering (SE) team brought in more people to complete questionnaires. But with data spread all over the place, they had a hard time finding accurate information.

“If you try to answer thousands of questions by brute force, it becomes tough. Instead of throwing people at the problem, we needed a process to handle the increased volume sustainably.”
Silvano Silva, Chief Security Officer

Even with more people, it still took 1-2 weeks to complete each questionnaire. The SE team needed to address the problems with their processes to:

  • Consolidate data into a single source of the truth so SEs could find the right information faster
  • Reduce the time spent by the CISO editing questionnaires by empowering SEs to create quick and accurate first drafts
  • Process security questionnaires faster to shorten sales cycles

Solution: Automated Security Questionnaire Processes Help Clari Win More Commercial Business

“Hitting our sales numbers is all about speed and volume,” says Ben Chen, Sales Engineering Manager, who leads Clari’s commercial team.

“Loopio streamlines our processes so that security isn’t a blocker, and we can close deals faster.”
Ben Chen, Sales Engineering Manager, Commercial Team

Here are four reasons why Clari’s sales engineers love Loopio:

  • Centralizes security knowledge into a single Library—making it easier to keep security content up-to-date.
  • Loopio offers a single workspace where the SE and Security teams can work together faster and smarter.
  • The platform makes it easy for SEs to find responses and speeds their processes by automatically suggesting answers to questions from the Library.
  • Loopio took minimal effort to implement and was up-and-running in just 1 week.

Results: Responding to Security Questionnaires 7x Faster

Since implementing Loopio, the Clari team has achieved the following results:

  • Decrease response times from 2 weeks to just 2 days. Clari can now send customers security questionnaires faster, which shortens sales cycles.
  • Get new hires up to speed quickly. Loopio gives SEs on-demand access to information so that they can answer questions accurately— even if they don’t have a security background.
  • Reduce CISO involvement. Since the SEs’ answers are now 90%-95% accurate, Ben can quickly review each questionnaire before sending it to Clari’s CISO. This has dramatically reduced Silvano’s involvement so that he can focus on more strategic security initiatives.
  • Scaled process. A central library of security content allows multiple SEs to collaborate on a single questionnaire. Ben can easily scale Clari’s processes to bring in new SEs and complete security questionnaires faster.

Why Clari Loves Loopio

“If you run a lean team, Loopio can help you complete security questionnaires faster so that you can get back to working deals and winning business.”
Ben Chen, Sales Engineering Manager, Commercial Team
“I recently completed three security questionnaires—with 100-200 questions each—in less than two days. The customer said that my response was the fastest any vendor had ever processed their security reviews. This speed would not have been possible without Loopio.”
Ben Chen, Sales Engineering Manager, Commercial Team

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